I am a big fan of marketing (ask Mr. Happy)... I get sucked into a commercial whether it be a billboard, radio, tv... or branded car. When I saw this rocket pickle I couldn't help but giggle.

Almost doesn't matter if a deep fried pickle would taste good, right? Eating a deep fried pickle apparently gives you rocket power!!


julie king said...

i could use some rocket power this morning. i'm having a bit of malaise -- slow to get dressed or do anything but blog and drink coffee.

btw, have you ever had fried pickles? can't speak for the rocket variety but the ones i've had a re delicious!!!!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Julie, I have to admit I did nothing but watch two movies with my dog this morning... and it was so refreshing from the hectic pace I usually keep up. I hope you find some of your own rejuvenation or rocket power!

Oh, I didn't have the guts or room in my stomach to try a fried pickle, but won't let the next opportunity to try one pass me next time :)

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