Where have I been?

Where have I been?

Well, it would take so much time to tell you.  I may as well just show you. 

I've happily been up to my eye brows in good 'old fashion gardening, sun soaking, sweating, hanging laundry on the line, eating ice cream, celebrating birthday's, hanging with the coolest pup, making homemade lemonade.

Life isn't just good.  It's grand!

How have you been this last stretch?


Awake! softly.

Let's start the day softly.

Stretch your arms above your head.

Roll your head from side to side while your chin touches your chest.

Close your eyes.

Deep breath in slowly.  Release the breath slowly.

And repeat.  Today. Will be Ah-mazing! 

totally amazing.

"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair."  ~Kahlil Gibran


Blurry blurry wizz bang!

Oh boy.  Monday was a blur.

Such a blur in fact that I thought it was Tuesday for most of the day.

Didn't figure out Monday's blurriness until I went to look for my show... So You  Think You Can Dance...  that's when I realized it.  Monday.  My show is on Tuesday and Wednesdays.

The good news?  I got an extra day back in my week.  The down side.  It was a blurry extra day.

The good news?  I have a whole lot of time coming up to hang with Mr. Happy. 

And for you my loves.  Here are a few things that have made me happy.  Hope they make you even just a smidgen happy too!

I made mini choco cup cakes.  AND... I made my own butter cream frosting for the first time.

It was a thrill thing really.  I mean there had to be an official butter cream frosting taster, right?  And I couldn't think of anyone better for the job other than yours truly.  I promise more frosting made it on the cuppies rather than in my tum.  Too cool!

It was fun to play with a new way to top these little nibblets too!

And then, I was in a cute little town and saw this guy.

I'm not sure if I would be smiling if I was putting ketchup on myself like that, but maybe it's like hair mousse.  It could be like he is putting hair mousse on, right?  I mean...  he's not gonna eat himself.  Is he?

Last, but certainly not least.  I made shrimp noodles.  Reminds me of familiar days in familiar places with people I miss dearly.  With each bite I could remember happy stuff.  Sigh, wonderful happy stuff!

Here's hoping your Monday was delectable!


That is Doe Amazing!

There have been a lot of happy things.

The type of happy things that stop you in your tracks to remind you how cool the world is.

My Mr. Happy found this nestled along some brush near the house.

Do you see it?  Give you a hint.  It's brown and tiny with spots all over.
How about now?  I think I see an ear!
Have you figured out what it is yet?
Yes, it's a baby deer... a doe! 

I could hardly believe we had the cutest little sleeping deer in our yard! 

How lucky we must be to not only have such a cool thing happen, but to also be able to find and enjoy it.
We read that a baby deer should be left alone unless you see a dead mom nearby.  The mom actually hides the baby on purpose after licking it clean to make it scentless as a protection from predators.  Mom will typically visit the baby 4-6 times a day to feed them.  Baby stays like this until it can effectively run with Mom away from trouble.

Although, it looks like we got close, that was all in the zooming lens of our cameras.  

We kept a respectful boundary.

The encounter was really something.  And I am sure now every time I see a young deer wander through the yard I will be thinking it is that same adorable baby that shared our lives for one short day.

An excellent reminder to slow down and take in the happy things around us.


Friday Flower Power!

I have been MIA.  (sorry!)

Absent. (no good excuses either)

I have a bunch of happy things that have kept me occupied and I am going to take snaps of them and get them up here. (can't wait to share them!)

To hold you over... and wish you a happy Friday here is an garden update with what's blooming around these parts.

Happy Friday Loves!  I will get a bit more regular -- lots to show you!


Planted the Veggies

Good morning!  Remember those teeny tiny seeds I started a while ago?

Well, they are finally planted into the big boy/girl garden!

The roll call includes:

Serrano Chilis
Cayenne Peppers
Peas (I think these are the shelling kind)
Note to self... I still need to get something for these guys to climb on.
Simpson and Black Seeded Lettuce
These aren't looking the proudest, but I'm thinking what the heck.  Plant them and see what happens.
So tiny.  At the same time I am still excited it's made it this far. 
Poor, poor oregano!  He's the tiniest of the bunch.
I must have forgotten to take pictures of the tomatoes. 

Here is what my set up currently looks like.  I think as things grow I will need to spread them out, but I'm not sure what is going to make it yet.
I am already dreaming about how I will adjust things next year (like a different, bigger space).  But I need to remember that taking baby steps is ok.
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