Blurry blurry wizz bang!

Oh boy.  Monday was a blur.

Such a blur in fact that I thought it was Tuesday for most of the day.

Didn't figure out Monday's blurriness until I went to look for my show... So You  Think You Can Dance...  that's when I realized it.  Monday.  My show is on Tuesday and Wednesdays.

The good news?  I got an extra day back in my week.  The down side.  It was a blurry extra day.

The good news?  I have a whole lot of time coming up to hang with Mr. Happy. 

And for you my loves.  Here are a few things that have made me happy.  Hope they make you even just a smidgen happy too!

I made mini choco cup cakes.  AND... I made my own butter cream frosting for the first time.

It was a thrill thing really.  I mean there had to be an official butter cream frosting taster, right?  And I couldn't think of anyone better for the job other than yours truly.  I promise more frosting made it on the cuppies rather than in my tum.  Too cool!

It was fun to play with a new way to top these little nibblets too!

And then, I was in a cute little town and saw this guy.

I'm not sure if I would be smiling if I was putting ketchup on myself like that, but maybe it's like hair mousse.  It could be like he is putting hair mousse on, right?  I mean...  he's not gonna eat himself.  Is he?

Last, but certainly not least.  I made shrimp noodles.  Reminds me of familiar days in familiar places with people I miss dearly.  With each bite I could remember happy stuff.  Sigh, wonderful happy stuff!

Here's hoping your Monday was delectable!
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