Dog Path in the Woods {completed}

I am going to say welcome back.. to me.  I've been off squeezing every last fun moment out of life.  And that means that blogging took a back seat.  But, I have a camera full of pictures and so much to tell you about.

Let's start the week with a finish, shall we?

{Part I of Confetti Quilting Dog Path}
{Dog Path quick update!}

Here is Dog Path in the Woods bound and ready for hanging!

When I last left off I had a lot of small details to add.  The piece needed to be squared (I decided on an 8.5 x 11 size) and then bound.

Here are the pups up close.  Katie is leading the way with her golden coat and fluffy tail.   Sammy is close on her heels.  I used a bit of batting to create the dogs and teased it to give it more fur-like texture.

Want to pet them?

I added a tiny bit of dark green wool to the trees in the background.  Love how they create a canopy of leaves!

The forest floor wasn't complete without details of hand cut ferns in several greens.  I free motion sewed them on with a multi-green thread.  I also like how they add a bit of dimension to the piece!

And there you have it.  These woods were made for walking, and walking is what they are gonna do!!

As a side note... I went to my quilting guild this past week and brought this piece for show and tell to the Art Quilt Group and as I was describing the technique and how I found it on YouTube..... the ladies dropped a bomb....

They told me that fiber artist Noriko Endo was actually a member of the guild at one point.  My mouth dropped to the floor.

Mor-ti-fied!!  Seriously, my cheeks flushed, my knees felt like they were going to buckle.   I felt unworthy.  Here I was standing in the very same room where Noriko began to really come into her own style and I'm trying to describe her technique.

But, the group was so beautiful about encouraging me and asking me to continue my description.  And get this.... they asked me.  ME?  To give a demo of the technique at the December meeting.  I'm so lucky to have found such an amazing group of artists/ladies to share my love of fabric with!!  I feel like giving each on of them a huge hug!

And with that... I can see a few more of these in my future.  And, the comment I have gotten over and over?  That I should make a bigger one.  So, yes, the next one is going to be much larger!!

Celebrate Color

And I think this project is a perfect candidate for Stitched in Color's Celebrate Color celebration!!

Fall is an amazing time to get out into the woods for a hike!

In the early fall, the temperatures are starting to get cooler and the leaves look like this scene.  Still mostly green, but a few start to carpet the ground making that awesome crunching sound as you bound along and take in the adventure!  As the fall progresses the trees start to light up in soft yellows, bright orange and reds.

Yes, I think you should go take a hike!!

edit to add :: This project was featured at Rhinestone Beagle!!  Thank you Anita and Kelly!

Rhinestone Beagle

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monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

THAT is a terrific story! WOW - what are the odds!???? I really love the puppy bums and the ferns. It's just so pretty!! And now you have this beautiful keepsake forever! : ) WAY TO GO!

: )

Linz said...

WOW!! That came out so so so amazing!! Congratulations on an inspiring piece of art!! You rock!!

Sheila said...

Very creative piece of art , I love it! Congratulations on a great finish.

Saun said...

Good for you very creative love it.

Kolchak Puggle said...

Wow...just wow. I cannot believe how much work went into that. It's...just wow. Beautiful work.

Melissa said...

How fun! You're lucky to have such a great quilting group :) besides the pups of course, I like that little fern detail!

Wendy said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Ricochet said...

Gorgeous! I'm so impressed! I wouldn't even know where to begin a project like this. Kudos!

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

so many amazing details!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Yay! You did it! :) Looking at it close up makes me wonder how many meters of thread you used... :D

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

WOW! This is such a great piece...the texture and depth and colors...everything!

Honey I'm Home Blog said...

Wow, your work is amazing! And I'm impressed with your creative vision. Thanks so much for linking up to Fabulous Friday!

Warmly, Michelle

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