Love Upon a Star {Emotional Finish!}

So, as you might already know... I did it!!  I managed to finish Love Upon a Star and doll it up to be gifted!  It was hands down, one of my most emotional quilts ever (the Mister would agree)

The good, the bad, the ugly:

I fought through a sewing machine issue, my thread was doing weird stuff, the quilt wasn't squaring,

I had to make my binding twice, and the second binding was still a smaller width than I wanted.  What was I thinking cutting 1 and 3/4 instead of 2 inches?  And all the while I was up against a time constraint that seemed to be laughing in my face.   

...and then the final straw came when I pulled the quilt fresh from the dryer (two hours later than I was hoping to finish) and the brown flannel that I used as my background had pilled -- you know those oh so not attractive little white fuzz balls?  tears.

Tears, like Niagara Falls, baby.  Oh sweet quilting faeries save me.  Quilting moments don't get any more raw than that.  It felt like a serious dose of, "I'masuckyquilter."

At this point, my poor husband is not sure what the heck is going on.  All he can see is my balling my eyes out and a beautiful quilt made with beautiful healing intention, for a beautiful person.  

He asks what's wrong.  I tell him that the flannel pilled and a seam busted open.  He doesn't even know what pilling is.  He reassures me that it looks incredible and tells me that he thought I bought fancy fabric that was supposed to antique with a wash. 

Isn't he amazing? 

I dried my tears, dabbed a cold wash cloth on my face, and nuzzled the puppy.   Best medicine ever!  As I was pulling myself together I decided I was just too close to this project which is why I could only see it's every flaw.  I needed to just trust myself, fold the dang thing up... tie on pretty ribbon and believe it would all be ok.

And honestly nothing could have prepared me for what came next.  You see, this quilt was made to go live with my Mom (in love) who is recovering from a surgery, hence the healing intentions.  I hand her the folded bundle all nervous and worried that it won't measure up to how incredible she is, but you know... she simply bursts with joy.  She kisses and embraces me.  She may have even been holding tears back.  I know I was. 

It felt great. 

The Mister was right.  It wasn't about perfect quilting.  It was about caring, connecting, and emotion through stitches. 

It was about a warm quilt that would stand in for us and give her constant hugs and warmth when we can't be there.  It's about reminding her that she is our rock and how very much we love her. 

And that's where the name came from.  Love Upon a Star... and if you love upon all the stars... well, that's a lot of love, isn't it?

This quilt has been an emotional journey.  But now that I am on the other side... I am so glad I stuck with it. 

I know it will be treasured.

And I know I found a way to say I love you more than I ever could through words, and I believe even more now in the power of quilting and seriously how therapeutic it can be for the maker and the receiver. 

The end.

p.s.  I will be sharing this with some of the linky parties on my side bar and especially at Fabric Tuesday with Quilt Story.  I hope my story urges someone else to share love through stitches too -- it's rewarding beyond the ends of the universe and back!


Craft-a-Boo said...

From one quilter to another, this is AMAZING! I don't see its flaws, I see how wonderful it is! I know so well what you mean when it comes out of the dryer and all you can see is the flaws. I have bawled myself silly over things like the before as well. However I think this is simply stunning, and it's the meaning behind it that means the most in the end. Great job!

Kris from Duke Says Sew What said...

Wow! What a post! Love this!

Beka said...

You're such a dork. You're an amazing quilter. I can't even piece a stupid scarf quilt together. Stop being so hard on yourself!

Beka said...

P.S. She absolutely loves it.

Ricochet said...

*sniff* You got me tearing up as well! You're awesome, sweetie! Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. Hugs from Montana!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Your heart is so evident in each stitch. I'm sure you Mother in Love feels completely cherished and wrapped up in your love.
I'm still trying to sew straight lines. You are brillient.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing that quilt is for your mom and your hubs was right...it's not about a pefect quilt..although I think yours is perfect...it's about the love that went into every stitch. What a blessing you are and thank you for sharing.

Jeanette said...

What a beautiful story (and I read it all, lots of times I just look at the pictures!!). It's not about perfection, it's the gift of handmade that's important. Thank you for sharing this story-if only to remind us all about why we create things.

Teje Karjalainen said...

Dear Christie, that is really special quilt! It's so beautiful and so full of love and lovely thoughts! I love the stars on the brown base and your quilting is great! And so fantastic photos!
Give my wishes to your mom! I hope she is well soon!
xxx Teje

Krista Schneider said...

Ok, A) this quilt looks incredible to me, it's unusual in color and pattern and I just love the vintagey prints of the stars, B) I've totally had a moment like this, I washed a quilt top on regular cycle in an agitator/wringer washer, and it literally came out torn to shreds. SHREDS! I was a complete mess. C) what an incredible husband you have. Lucky! D) im glad you could have such an emotional experience making something so lovely for your recovering mother. yay.

LisaAnn said...

What a wonderful story! I'm sure your mom loves it and finds comfort in the fact that you made it for her! It's a beauty :)

Megan said...

What a fantastic husband. He is right, it is just amazing! Super lovely and wonderful! Pilling be damned, it pops up on the best of things no matter how hard we try to avoid it.

1000 Goldens said...

Beautiful quilt, beautiful gift of love. It is PERFECT.

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