That is Doe Amazing!

There have been a lot of happy things.

The type of happy things that stop you in your tracks to remind you how cool the world is.

My Mr. Happy found this nestled along some brush near the house.

Do you see it?  Give you a hint.  It's brown and tiny with spots all over.
How about now?  I think I see an ear!
Have you figured out what it is yet?
Yes, it's a baby deer... a doe! 

I could hardly believe we had the cutest little sleeping deer in our yard! 

How lucky we must be to not only have such a cool thing happen, but to also be able to find and enjoy it.
We read that a baby deer should be left alone unless you see a dead mom nearby.  The mom actually hides the baby on purpose after licking it clean to make it scentless as a protection from predators.  Mom will typically visit the baby 4-6 times a day to feed them.  Baby stays like this until it can effectively run with Mom away from trouble.

Although, it looks like we got close, that was all in the zooming lens of our cameras.  

We kept a respectful boundary.

The encounter was really something.  And I am sure now every time I see a young deer wander through the yard I will be thinking it is that same adorable baby that shared our lives for one short day.

An excellent reminder to slow down and take in the happy things around us.


chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness that is incredible! what a wonderful little surprise. and a good reminder to slow down and enjoy whats around you!

Unknown said...

so cute!

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