Mellow Yellow Monday: Drummers

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Hearing a good rhythm or music to get your soul dancing = happiness!

I was at a music festival in Rosendale (NY) this past weekend and I will be bringing you several pictures from the event this week! Their was a ton of live music, delicious food, sunshine, and beer tents... all the ingredients of a good time!

This particular duo pictured is from a drummer group, and I will tell you... when I heard them I couldn't help but to dance! It started in my toes, then moved to my feet, and next thing you know my hips were swaying! It reminded me how freeing music can be. How it can really let you release that stress that you carry all the time.

The experience also reminded me that I want to learn how to dance African. Anyone, reading also watch the show on Fox called So You Think You Can Dance? First of all if you don't watch it... WATCH IT. Second, if you do watch it then you saw the jaw dropping, goosebump arousing dance done by the 5 guys last week, right? That was an african dance! And the drums I heard in Rosendale brought that all back to me! Let's kick this week off with some soul awakening drums!


Lindy said...

Must be happy music - there's a yellow drum!

Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments. :)

Happy MYM!

The Explorer said...

I can agree with your statement. Dance can make our stress out but unfortunately I don't know how to dance...c",)

Thanks for visiting and I noticed you add me, I really do appreciate it.

VioletSky said...

drumbeats in the street are fun.
thanks for visiting mine.

Linnea said...

Looks like those drummers are happy and having fun at the same time. My son is a drummer...so I hear drumming all day long!! Nice addition here for MYM!

Barb said...

I thought maybe that was you, pounding out a rhythm on the drum. Just as good to be a dancer, though!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Lindy, Yes a yellow drum!!

Explorer, you don't have to know how to dance, just feel the music and let your body move!

Violet, yes and was very unexpected!

Linnea, they were having a blast! So, with your son as a drummer you must hear a LOT of drumming... hope it's still soothing after a while.

Barb, I wish I knew how to drum.. might have to learn that craft at some point!

Heather S-G said...

This makes me happy just looking at it and thinking about the beat...I can feel it!!

Miranda said...

Oh that looks like fun on a sunny day ;)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Which drum sounds louder,
the purple or the yellow?
How will you find out?

My Mellow Yellow Shots

lissa said...

must have been a wonderful experience, shame I can't dance

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