Straight from the Garden

I am seeing spring nearly everywhere I look this week and that includes the rain we've have had.  April showers, right?

Here is a purple crocus for you Monika!

I am looking forward to seeing tulips bloom -- so far they are growing well (and I already have something eating some of them; I have asked Katie to be more diligent in barking at anything that comes near them).

I am also looking forward to tilling the garden and putting my little veggie plant seedlings in there!

But, for now I am satisfied to see the browns and grays of winter melt away in to the background as bright pops of color take over.  I have also noticed that the sun feels warmer on my cheeks!! 

It's an enchanting time of year! 

Gives the ones you love a big squeeze!!

Much love for Japan  


Jenn Bower said...

This post made me happy! I sit at a dual monitor computer screen from 8-5 with no exterior windows, so these were nice to see.

Quiet Quilter said...

Lovely flowers...and guard dog. Thank you for the pictures.

j@makehappyblog.com said...

you better send Katie on out on 24 hours patrol.... the flowers look great

j via makehappyblog.com

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hello Christie and Katie! You have really beautiful flowers in your garden! Spring has so great colours! Teje & Nero

Linz said...

So pretty!! I love spring!

Anonymous said...

I love spring. Can't wait for my daffodils to come up. thanks for sharing the pics!

Courtney said...

Hooray for spring! Katie is adorable and looks like such a conscientious guarder of the flowers. Enjoy your warmer sunshine and increasingly colorful environment - you're so right, it is such an enchanting time.

Wendy said...

So pretty!!

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Yay! Pretty. :-)

Rhinestone Beagle said...

Sadie wanted me to let you know she and Katie had a conference call last night about said tulip eating pests.(we have the same problem.) It seems they've worked out a joint plan and will be consulting each other as weeks go by. Just an FYI. ;)
PS Your bag is going to be in the mail this week.

Seaweed and Raine said...

Spring would have to be my favourite season of all - the colours, scents, and the warmth on the breeze after the winter dreary weather is so refreshing. Thanks for the reminder of what we have to look forward to later this year. (BTW, my jonquills and hyacinth are coming up too! :D )

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