Name Game Swap Inspirations

I have pulled together my inspiration collage for the Name Game Swap!!  So much fun to go through my pins and favorites to gather up what makes me smile in my Describe Happy blog journey! 
Hi Secret Swap Partner (if you're reading this), hope you are well!! 
I hope this inspiration board helps you narrow down your ideas.  But really, the sky is the limit.  Think happy and upbeat, let your smile be your guide, and overall I hope you enjoy creating your piece; I am so looking forward to treasuring it! 
Ok, here is the inside scoop... I find myself drawn to bright happy colors, nature undertones, silliness, scrappiness, positiveness, and irregular shapes.  I also have a love for buttons, raw natural edges, mushrooms, the forest and forest critters.  And if you found a way to work in my pups... well, that would rock my socks off!!  
Grinning from the excitement,

1.     Tree of Life from Film and Thread
2.     Scrappy Rock and Roll from LuGal1
3.     Dalahorse Screen Print from Henning Trollback
4.     Abstract Felt Mobile from Lupin
5.     Jones Patchwork Quilt from Urban Outfitters
6.     Collected Fabric Orange Quilt from Homerof2
7.     Confetti with hand quilting from Rangoli45
8.     Life a Colorful Life from Cindy at Aroundtheblockdesigns
9.     Pure Square City from Kelbysews


Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! LOVE the HORSE ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Wee Little Birds said...

I love the horse too. I am also doing the name game swap, what fun. I started on the top for my partner yesterday

Kris from Duke Says Sew What said...

The abstract felt mobile is fantastic!

Beka said...

Dude...I totally would have done this had I known! Lamesauce

Beka said...

Dude...I totally would have done this had I known! Lamesauce

Beka said...

Dude...I totally would have done this had I known! Lamesauce

Keren Duchan said...

Thanks for sharing. I love the abstract mobile and the hand-quilted colorful quilt. Pinned!

Cassie J said...

My son has a felt mobile just like that one you've listed.
I found your blog through the name swap, I find it so exciting to think someone's reading my blog and making something for me with love! Looking forward to it all coming to a head :-)

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