FNSI with the Stars

Hope you had a great Friday Night Sew-In (FNSI)!  I decided to work on my stars quilt.  (Star Struck or Map to the Stars -- star quilt-a-long by Melissa at Happy Quilting.)

Handmade by Heidi

I started my night by gathering up my assistants.  Katie clearly knew something exciting was about to happen in the sewing room.

Sammy wasn't far behind in snooping.

I spent most of the time making flying geese for the five stars that I am working on with Block 1 instructions (picture from this morning).

I managed to complete two stars!!  This first one with the blue and yellow might go down as a practice block.  Between the color combo not really working and the points not being very good... I guess I was just rusty and needed a block to work out all my kinks on. 

This one however was much better and pretty cute if you ask me!

The stars are made from vintage sheets and the background is a cocoa colored flannel.  I wish you could reach through the screen and feel how amazingly soft this quilt is going to be!

 Here are all three of my blocks so far.

FNSI was just what I needed to get my sewing mojo back... and with this being the view from my sewing room today I think I might just keep sewing. 

This is the next star up for sewing.  I'm on a roll!!

Hope you are off to an amazing start to the weekend and yes of course my assistants are with me again this morning.  They can be so cute when they aren't fighting or barking.


Megan said...

Look at that amazing view from your window!!!

The stars are looking good, I have to agree that the colours of the blue/yellow star don't work in quite as well with the others, although once you get a bit more blue happening I'm sure they will be just lovely.

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Christie! I love stars and your quilt is going to be wonderful! How nice to see Katie and Sammy! I have been taking care of one sweet Golden Retriever this week when her mom is away. She is just the most darling girl!
x Teje

Quilter Kathy said...

The view of the snow is amazing! Enjoy! Love the photo of the two snooping dogs...so cute!

Mistea said...

Good to see your assistants behaving.
Nice stars and it does sound like it will be a snuggly quilt when done.
Enjoy your view.

Keren Duchan said...

I love your assistants! Especially love that last photo - the doggie on the right is SOOO cute!

Kris from Duke Says Sew What said...

Is Sammy hogging Katie's bed? Looks like Katie is very tolerant of the new pup. I like your brown background. I was thinking that would be a good background color to use in my next quilt. I liked gray so much that another dark color seems right!

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