The door-desk

Mr. Happy and I have been (happily) busy with all things house. 

One of those tasks is continuing to set up rooms.  (also know as, get rid of the boxes and get the stuff off the floor)

This is a snap of my craft/office room on Sunday morning.  It's cluttered and there is clearly not enough work surface to take on any substancial projects. 

So, I had this idea.  (A lot of our projects start with me having a wild idea that Mr. Happy (the engineer) has to shape into workable plans that we can actually do.)

I had seen a show or read somewhere about making a desk out of a door.  I love the challenge of upcycling something that may otherwise be thrown out.  I also love the factor that I am saving us tons of money by not buying something.  Lastly, I like that I get a lot of control in how the final product comes out -- that means I get almost exactly what my little 'ole brain dreams up.

I asked Mr. Happy if I can have one of our doors to set my plan in motion and he says... "we have a door that was replaced that is available."  Perfect!

Now, all I needed were a few legs and nails and voila, I would have a nice big desk to put that excellent finishing touch on what will become command central for me!

This is the door.  It used to go between the garage and the basement.  That said, it's a special door that is wood on one side (the side showing here) and the other side is metal.  See that metal detail put a twist on my plan.  Originally, I was thinking of cutting the door to make the desk shorter. 

Well, cutting metal is harder to do and would leave unfinished edges.

This is what the metal side looks like.  It has a pretty neat pattern on it -- lots of character!  With the plan to shorten the door out, we measured, and I paced, and I tried to visualize what a full size door-desk would look like in that space. 

And... well I determined it would fit.  Horray!

Now that we had what seemed like a plan, the next step was to visit the Home Depot (hardware store).  We went with a list to get table legs (4), screws (3 inch), and Mr. Happy needed a tool or something. 

We didn't find pre-made table legs.  Boo!  But, we did find pressure treated wooden fence posts (big ones) that could be cut to the correct 28 inch desk height.  Close enough for me.  So, about $50 later, we had the makings of what would become the door-desk!

We spent Sunday morning prepping all the parts.  The metal door had to be cleaned up and sanded. 

The wooden legs had to be sanded.  Don't I look like I am having a blast sanding that leg?  I really get a crazy good enjoyment out of working with my hands and creating things!! 
(you can also see shop dog (Katie) laying in the sunshine taking in a nice nap)

Here is a closer look at on of the legs I was working on.  See that dip.  I had to be sure to sand that part by hand because the palm sander couldn't quite get in that crevasse.  (Don't I sound awesome naming tools!!)

I also like how the grain looked on these legs.  Very pretty!

I guess we woke princess up with all the noise and tools and such.  She's a good shop dog!  (Even when she steals my sandpaper and wants to play mid work)

When the legs were sanded and the desk top prepared... we got to attached the legs.  I don't remember if they are attached at this point or if they are just sitting on top of the legs, but I learned a lot about jigs (patterns to put the screws on the same for each leg), measuring (all the legs had to be put in the same spot), and patience (I have none).

Looks cool doesn't it?

Once assembled, Mr. Happy encouraged me to stain the legs a deep saturated mahogany color.  I resisted a bit, but just look how pretty they are with that color!!  OMGoodness!!

And here is the finished project in the craft/office room!

We had to wait for the stain to dry.  Unassemble the desk, carry the parts up from the woodshop, move a bunch of stuff and boxes out of the way to move my carpet and then reassemble the desk.

Then sit back it utter amazement!  It's everything I wanted!

And a bonus.  It also looks like a medieval torture table!

Another amazing project and result from Mr. Happy's woodshop!! 

I couldn't resist another blooming picture for you too.  It looks so much more beautiful each day and there are still two flowers at the top that have yet to open!  I'll keep you posted on them!

Hope your Tuesday is happy!


Jientje said...

Woohoo! What a great desk you have now! It looks cool with that metal top!

lissa said...

I like the final product and upcycling is a great thing!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I love a large workspace... especially one with such nice legs. It looks great!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

@ Jientje, yes the metal is my favorite part!
@ lissa, whoop whoop for upcycling!!
@ Kasey, I am so excited for so much space. I don't know what to start first, but just imagine quilting on that big 'ole desk!

Betsy Brock said...

I'm so impressed! It turned out wonderful!

chelsea rebecca said...

this is so incredible!
you and Mr. Happy are super creative and crafty! i love it!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

@Betsy, aww shucks!
@Chelsea Rebecca, thanks sweets!!

Cynthia said...

the desk came out awesome!!& the color is absolutely perfect. I love that you say omgoodness like me and have a green laptop so fun

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