It Bloomed!!

Do you remember that amaryllis bulb that I planted back in January and shared with you here?

We saw it grow a bit here.

And most recently I shared that it looked like it would actually bloom here.

Well, it bloomed!  IT BLOOMED!! 
It's beautiful!

It's that incredible pop of color that I hoped for!

On another note, it looks like my amaryllis bad luck has gone else where.  In fact, it looks like my MIL got the non-bloomer that I usually get.   I'm sorry I pasted the jinx to you!

Happiness is waiting a lot of time for a very beautiful show of much needed mid-winter color!


lissa said...

looking at its wonderful shades of red and green makes me feel like spring is around the corner

Jientje said...

Oh wow, it's so pretty!

JenRem said...

So I don't remember when you planted this back in January - but I wish I would have because THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! And I want to copy you and have lots and lots of these amazing flowers in my backyard right this moment. Man, I don't think I could be more jealous of you right now. Seriously.

ahlin said...

wow that is amazing and so beautiful!

chelsea rebecca said...

there is nothing better than planting your own flower and seeing it bloom!! gorgeous!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

VERY pretty! I've been wanting to root a few bulbs myself since there isn't anything blooming outside.

Micaela said...

wow so gorgeous!!!

how can that not make you happy? it made me happy, so thank you! xo

ps. THANK YOU also for the birthay wishes :)

Suburban Girl said...

Beautiful, so glad it bloomed for you.

gina marie said...

i love the title of this blog.

and ... primitive look at what makes us happy. =)

thank you for the cmment you left me . im glad it led me to this blog!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

@ lissa, it reminds me of spring too!
@ Jientje, totally!
@ JenRem, oh I hope you can get one! They were on sale after Christmas, if not... I think you can force tulips, daffodils, and paper whites right now!!
@ ahlin, oh ya!
@ chelsea rebecca, it's so cool that it actually bloomed!
@ danielle, do it! do it!!
@ Micaela, you are so welcome sweetie!
@ Rebecca, oh me too!
@ Gina, thank you! I adore your blog and can't wait to read more!

Cynthia said...

omgosh its so beautiful I love the color!!

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