The Happiness Project

When I started this blog... my goal was to really try and define what happiness is, what it means, what it looks like, what it feels like.  It's been fun to capture those stomach giggling moments in a photo or five.  

Lately, this blog is turning paths slightly.  I am learning that connecting with others is uber happy!  Hearing about how readers are enjoying this happy makes me happy!  And, as I reach out of my comfort zone more and more to find others talking about happy... I am finding that not only am I not alone, but it seems like there are a LOT of other 'happies' out there!  And guess what?  They are talking about happy too!  Be still my heart!!  

I have (just this morning) found an AMAZING happy spot.  It's called The Happiness Project. I couldn't wait a second later to share it.  It's not just a place about a book about happy.  It's not just a bunch of tips about happy.  It has a challenge about happy.  (I'm one of those personalities that can't turn down a good 'ole fashion challenge).  

It's called the 2010 Happiness Challenge!!!  
I can't tell you how timely it is that I am finding this!!!

Happiness Project

I'm going to jump in with both feet!

Gretchen, from The Happiness Project, is giving a focus for each month and then weekly resolutions to help shape a happier you.  January is all about Energy.  And this week's resolution is "Tackle a Nagging Task."

I sort of cringed that this is the week that I am jumping in on.  Why couldn't I have started with January Week 1 "Get More Sleep?"  I think the answer is obvious.  I need to tackle some seriously nagging tasks.  Gretchen reminds that holding on to nagging tasks will drain you.  And if you can cross even just one off, then you will get a HUGE energy burst! 

So here goes.  I thought a good start would be to make a list of all my nagging tasks.  You may want to close your eyes for this part...
  1. Make a dentist appointment, and go
  2. Pick up my quilting project and decide the rest of the pattern
  3. Finish putting together my craft room, so it's my santuary again
  4. Put windshield washer fluid in my car and wash the windows
  5. Take my prescription to the pharmacy
  6. Take a yoga class -- get over my shyness and just go
  7. Decide what education (masters, certification..) I will pursue this year
You can open your eyes again.  Phew.

That's a lot of stuff holding back my energy.  Now, I only have to do one of these, but what was recommended is that you wake up and tackle (works for me)... I wonder if I can do one these each morning for the next seven days?  I will be back Monday with a progress report.

I am so darn excited to get this going and see what kind of results I get.  Anyone else doing this already or want to try it with me? 

"Happy people make people happy"


Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! It is GREAT to be HAPPY. Wish you all the best on your Happiness Project. Looking forward on your visit to my blog ... you will fir sure find happiness. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Jientje said...

Some of it is really not that hard, but that first one on the list? Ewww, I really need to do that too!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I'm going to have to check out the happiness project becuase I also like a good challenge! I'm not so sure how I'd feel about taking on a task that needs to be finished because I tend to have a lot of those!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

@SGR, your Sugar is just too adorable and nice blog sweetie!

@Jientje, seems like easy stuff, makes me wonder why I put those things off for so long.

@danielle, I hope you decide to go for it! I could use a partner in crime to keep motivated on this one!

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