Putting a squirmy worm on a hook, dropping it in the water, and landing a BIG fish = happiness!

Ah, summer's almost here... warm weather, lemonade, BBQ's, laughing and drowning worms!! It's almost time for Bass season to open in NY (mid June I think) and we have been practicing. I couldn't help but snap a picture of this soon to be goner worm. Here fishie, fishie, fishie!!


mylittlebecky said...

i totally cannot squish worms onto hooks. blegarch.

ps i love beluga whales! ("baby beluga in the deep blue sea"... now i'll sing that all day)

Christie, Describe Happy said...

I've gotten better with putting the worm on the hook, although it's still tough sometimes!

And I love beluga whales... great song by the way!

m said...

no, never could impale worms. not into fishing but glad you like it.

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