Checking out creepy crawlies up close and personal = happiness!

I'm not 100% sure what this little guy (or gal?) is, but I am guessing some sort of caterpillar? He was dangling from a tree on the thinnest little white thread... some sort of daredevil or stunt caterpillar. I just thought his silhouette against the forest leaves was really darn cool!


Iva Messy said...

oh my gosh!! How adorable! I am going to show my little man, who is 2, this! He LOVES caterpillars! Really, he loves saying "caterpillar"! He will be so thrilled after I show this to him. Thank you for making our day!! :)

Christie, Describe Happy said...

I think I was as excited as your son to find the catepillar! My pleasure to share the stuff that brings smiles to faces!

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