Fall Cupcakes

I did promise to show you what the final mini cupcakes looked like... and here they are!

The chocolate ones are yellow butter cake with milk chocolate-cayenne pepper frosting.

The other ones are pumpkin spice cupcakes with cinnamon-vanilla frosting.

I did the swirly decoration on all of them. And then sprinkled these cute little sugar leaves that I found on etsy. Have you heard of Etsy? If you haven't you need to go.. NOW! Click here.

The fall sprinkles were from this shop here on Etsy: BakeryBites

I wanted to display the cuppies on a table and didn't know what to use.. so ended up using a pizza pan which worked out wonderfully!

I bet you want a cupcake now, don't you? I know I could go for one!


J+S said...

I love these cupcakes - they are lovely. Mind if I re-post them and credit back to you?


Christie, Describe Happy said...

Hi Jenifer, I wouldn't mind at all if you re-post these, I'm flattered actually! Hope you're having a great day!

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