Inspire me

You may remember that I have moved recently.

Which means I get to create some new exciting design for the room that will be my office slash craft room. I'm excited to have my own space. Mr. Happy has given me the green light to do anything I want (like a little out there paint -- squee!!) and I am drawing a total blank.




So, everything I have read has said that I need to start with a theme or something to design the room around. I was looking at the furniture in the room.. and it's mainly hodge-podge.. stuff from college... stuff that works.

I have had to think about where to get inspiration for a theme. I came up with a few ideas like an ode to hiking room, a clean line Japanese theme, or even something that lends to a huge mural on the wall.

I'm not really 100% sure which way I am leaning yet, but I was at Pier 1 Imports last weekend and saw all sorts of cool things. One of which was this painting...

"Follow Your Dreams" butterflies... orange... antique feel... inspirational!

I'm not sure if I am any closer, but it's still been fun to day dream about what I can turn the room into!

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