Must interrupt this broadcast

I twittered... or is it tweeted....

well what I mean, is that I have mentioned that I was going to NYC for a class this week and I have to interrupt what I was planning for you this evening for something much more important.

You guessed it.

I am that predictable.


Crumbs to be specific.

Not the crumbs left after I gobbled a cupcake down.

but Crumbs the Bake Shop.

Here is a shot of how beautiful it looked!

I was practically tickled silly when I found out there was a cupcake palace on the way back to the train station!

Yes, cupcake Palace!

It was a bit more difficult to pay super close attention... all my class breaks were spent day dreaming about what flavors I should get!

Here are sweets that had me absolutely salivating...

Ummm... yes I'll have two of all of them! Seriously how the heck do you choose with all these crazy flavors?

Nope, no clue how to choose... how many should I get... Ahhhh! I want them all~

Please can I have them all? I think I can carry about 42 of them pretty easily! And I can surely eat about 15 of these a day!

SCREAM!! Margarita? Shu-up! Nu-eh. Must have one of these....

And look closely... it has salt around the rim. I could just drink one up right now!

So, I narrowed. and narrowed. and himmed. and hawwed.

I ended up taking six... count them;

one, two, three, four, five, only six cupcakes came home with me.


too many cupcakes, not enough room in the fridge!

My lovely six new friends and I skipped on down to the train. (ok, we didn't really skip, but I think I was surely skipping inside!)

And we had a lovely ride home.

The whole time I was thinking about how much I wanted to gobble them all down all at once.

It's hard enough picking out which ones to take home.. how the heck am I going to pick which one to eat first?To be honest, I'm just proud that all six made it home -- so I can share with Mr. Happy.

I'm so lucky to have a guy to share my cupcake obsession with! More to come on how they taste.

(uh huh, I just ate one. you knew I wouldn't last much longer. I split the the Reeses PB cupcake with Mr. Happy... and WOW the frosting is fluffy, the cake is moist, it all compliments each other and I'm thinking it's the best cuppy I've had yet. Do you think the other 5 will survive the night?)

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Michael said...

OH wow. Yumm, those looks amazing.

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