New "Guess the Happy" game

Can you guess what this is?  

Put your happy hat on play my new "Guess the Happy" game

Here's how the game goes...

1. Look at the pictures and think about what kind of happiness this holds. 
2. Add your answer as a comment to this post.
3. A random winner will be selected from all the correct (or closest... or most creative) answers.
4. The winner will be getting something neat that provides happy!!  
5. Get going and enter now!! 
6. *BONUS* Become a fan and follow this blog to get an extra entry into the Happy Game!
7.  The prize will be announced and awarded by Friday, February 5th!

"_____________________________" = happiness!

(In this case... happiness is also entering a happy game!!)


LaurenJewel said...

Happiness is the well loved little hamster/guinea pig/ kitten/ puppy or other little pet that chewed his(her) way through, in, on, and around this now shredded container. Most likely all the while playfully sliding on the hardwood floor and leaving the proud owners so very entertained, and genuinely happy to watch this event. Simple happiness at its best! <3

Jientje said...

I think Katie had a little bit of fun with this container?

Elizabeth Fisher said...

Katie is recycling paper and chew up this leftover container of OATMEAL!!!
little happy song for Katie....
(oreo theme)
OH OH OH whose that doggie with the oatmeal container
Lickin all the yummy grains till the container is empty
It hard to find the puppy inside Oh oh oh OATS!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Yippie for entries!! Keep them coming! You won't want to miss this happy prize. I'll show you what your playing for tomorrow!

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