Mohawk's ROCK!

Katie gets a bath just like any 'ole dog... in the tub. 

With warm water and shampoo. 

She's always been a good bather.  From when she was little we would bribe her with treats, so luckily she now associates towels and running water with cookies (doggie cookies that is)!  Meaning she jumps right in to tub! 

I normally try and just get 'er done really quickly.  But for some reason I couldn't resist playing around a tiny bit and giving the sweet thang a bit of a mohawk.  It helps that Mr. Happy happened to pass by and take some snaps for us.
Katie doesn't have a ton of hair on her head, but there is enough there to form a little soapy ridge. 

Looking back on these pictures now I am having some crazy mommas guilt.  She doesn't look too happy does she? 

(that didn't stop me from laughing a little and I promise she got lots of snacks and that she was a happy camper again when she was rinsed and toweled dry... not too long after these were taken)

I love how patient she is!  How lucky I am that she puts up with me! 


Jientje said...

She's such a sweet dog, your all lucky to have found each other!!!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

@ Jientje, yes she is sweet!! And man 'o man am I lucky!

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