Sweet Buns

It's lunch time.  And I have food on the brain.  This is a recent treat that was made in the Happy house!

I admit these aren't made from scratch.  Really all I did was pop open on of those pre-made roll cans and put them in the pan.  To make them a little more special I did make some extra frosting. 

I mixed powdered sugar with a few drops of water and a splash of vanilla extract.  Added a little extra yumminess to these delights!

Just look at the toasty, roasty, brown, goodness!!

Oh and how about the way the frosting warms and drizzles down the sides of the buns!

Last thing I did was to sprinkle a little bit of extra cinnamon on them for presentation and flavor.

Pretty now, right?  I really can't tell you the last time we have cinnamon buns or as I remember them being called ... sweet buns in the house. 

I think the sweet buns name comes from my Hawaiian side of the family.  Must be something that is sticking with me (no pun intended) from my childhood.  I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but if I remember I will be sure to share! 

These disappeared quite fast!  It's funny, looking back at my pictures I could have sworn I took a plating picture and for the life of me I don't see it. 

Making a special something as a treat and filling the house with the wonderful aroma of cinnamon = happiness!

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Jientje said...

Mmmmph, mmmmph. Can't talk. I'm drooling too much!

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