Hapdates - what my week looked like

I shared that I had a busy week.  

Here are some of the why's:

Deadlines at work to meet. Stress from work. Finding time for the art show. Nervous about entering. Gratified that I entered. Humbled by the comments that were shared about my art. Nervous about sharing an origami demo. Laughing that I taught part of a demo wrong and had to show everyone had to re-do it. Stunned how much everyone enjoyed the origami demo. Humbled from the thank you's and your a good teacher remarks I got after my demo. Sad that my mom didn't call me back. Frantic from the pace I was keeping. Annoyed that I wasn't sleeping as much as I wanted.  Annoyed that my house needed to be cleaned. Uplifted from my doggy taking me on a walk to the lake. Sad that I didn't have the time or energy to get a good start on practicing my crocheting. Tired of seeing origami paper by Thursday. Sad to see the art show taken down on Friday. Happy to feel like I can slow down a bit now. Excited about company coming over this weekend. Nervous about what to cook for company. Thankful to have this goofy dog by my side no matter how crazy I get. Landed on baking a chicken and making mashed potatoes. Excited to try the homemade apple pie from the farm stand we found near the house. Madly in love with Mr. Happy. Feeling so lucky to have a husband who supports me during all this chaos! 

And finally feeling happy and more relaxed to take in all these feelings now while sitting in the sun and sharing them with you!

This is really a typical week for me.  Lots of ups and downs.  Not everything is always happy, but this place reminds me that I can't always control things, but what I can control is what I choose to focus on.  And by choosing to focus on the happy things that happen during my week (even the small ones) I am choosing happiness!

Last weekend was very warm for NY this time of year.  It gave me a great chance to play in the yard with Katie and watch her run around like a nut.

Can you tell she had a good time?  I really think if I could find a way to bottle Katie's exuberance for life it would cure all the worlds sadness!

Give that weekend of yours a good start by thinking of a few of the happy things that happened this week.

And how about art show pictures tomorrow?

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