Whoa, windy!

It's time again for Creative Tuesday's hosted by Mmm at Hot Toast and Jam!!

This rounds theme was "Wind/Windy."  My first thoughts... ummm... wind isn't something you can see, so will a blank page suffice?  I promise the wind is there.  Honest, just look a wee bit closer.  Can you feel, uh, I mean, see it?

A blank page wasn't going to cut it.  I convinced myself.  So, I began thinking of windy things.  Chicago? Windmills? Flying things? Pinwheels.  Ugg.  My pad was bound to sit blank.

A few days ago I tried again.  My brain leapt to three masted ships on the high windy seas.  Flags and banners wavering in the wind from the tall masts.  But, the drawing just wouldn't come out. 

So, last night in a last ditch procrastinating manner I picked up my pad once more and I can't believe how easily this came out.  When it's right, it's right.

I give you "Windy Hair," or is it "Hair a Blowin'," or maybe "There She Blows." 
It's been a while since I broke out my sketching pencils.  The lead is very soft, which makes it's fun to smudge and then run around the house after the dog with black pencil fingers. 

(Ok, I didn't torture the dog with this, but I did make a mess!  And I would certainly say that making a mess this way is loads of happy!!)

A little closer look.  Can you feel the breeze?
Another thing I haven't done in a long while is sign my work.  I married.  I changed my name.  I love my husband to the ends and back.  I lost my artistic identity along with it all.  Christie M. was a very creative, confident, free spirit artist.  Christie W. is still trying to figure out her place in things.

But look.  I signed it.  Yup.  Swished that W right into a circle.  Maybe my swagger is coming back?
One last look.  I'm feeling pretty proud of this one.   
If I had been told that the more I would share the easier this would get, I would have chuckled.

Honestly, this is turing into one of my favorite things to be a part of.  I enjoy seeing the creative results from the other participants.  I enjoy being a part of something so much bigger than me.  But most of all I like how it's stretching me and giving me a reason to pick up my pad and fill in a page or two.

(So, if you have a pad that itching for you to give it attention... pick it up already and join in!)


lissa said...

nice, I think it certainly says 'windy'

I don't actually sign my work, I never quite know which name to use

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Hi Lissa, thanks for sharing you don't sign your work. Makes me feel more normal for not knowing how to as well.

Betsy Brock said...

It's very nice! :)

You say 'whoa' just like Mr. Toast! ha...he'll love that title!

Anonymous said...

nicely done. I also hadn't realized you'd just turned your last initial upside down --- maybe it's snowboarding. --0dessa7

Jientje said...

Oooh yes, I can see the wind, I can even feel it! Very nice work Christie!

Michael said...

Oh, i am so glad i checked here--I didn;t know you had done this yet as I don;t beleiv eI got a comment from you as such, did I? Phew! Anyway, as before, i love how you write in the process and break out the art supplies not used in ages. That's exactly what we want for C.T. --the willingness to explore and be creative is the most important bit. Yes, I think "windswept hair" works well too! Now, just as long as it stays with her and not me. Hee. thank you so much for this fun addition. I'm adding it to the side bar now. montage will be up later.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

@Odessa, funny that my initial just flipped, right?
@Jientje, thank you! Glad you like it!
@Mmm, I see my comment there, but maybe I didn't put in on the right post? Anyway, thanks for stopping by and can't wait to try the next theme!

Kay said...

I can definately feel the breeze..fab!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel the breeze and heard your words about the signing. Go girl it is you whatever letters you decide to put on there. I have been PJ 5 times longer than PR so that decides for me.

Christine said...

love your entry Christie, great idea. I'm thinking about signing my work too, I just keep forgetting.

newgiraffecity said...

A very nice take on the theme!

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