Welcome Daydream

"Everything starts as somebody's daydream." L. Niven

So, I told you about the cool chair I am breathing new life into (for a charity auction).  Well, here is the first peek at what I have done with it so far.

Removed the original seat and sanded down the base. 

Then I began to splash color on it.  BRIGHT color!  At this point I started to scare myself, but I tossed that to the wind quickly and just kept layering.

Concern?  What concern?

Another view down the ladder rungs.

The more color that came out, the more I smiled ear to ear!

Mr. Happy got me one of his work lights, so I could continue well past sunset.  (Which... have you noticed... has gotten so darn early.  I really need to invest in a sun lamp!)

Here is Daydream looking all wild and crazy.  Just the way I like her!

Just look at that layering!

Loving how the lighting really helps change the personality of the chair.  She really goes from day to night look with ease!

And that's it.

That's all you get for now.

I still have the seat to finish reupholstering with an original quilt design.
I still have a ton of detail that I want to add on top of the color splashes.
I still have to remember to breath.  Inhale, exhale!
I have to stop thinking about whether or not someone will actually bid on this chair in the auction.
I have to finalize my artist bio.  I know!  It's getting crazy around here.  I have drafted my first artist bio!
Oh, and did I mention the head shot?  Faint!

More to follow.  Can't have you miss out on this one!


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

You have me on pins and needles. Lovely post!!!

Heather said...

This looks great! What a fun chair to sit in....can't wait to see what seat cover you place on your chair!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

I'm still working on this like crazy! Hope to have another update this weekend.

Jientje said...

I love what you've done with it, you're so creative!

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