Katie Co-Pilot

I've had the puppy 'crazies' lately... meaning I want another puppy. 

I thought the best way to calm that down since we aren't getting a pupping in the winter (midnight pee breaks in the cold and snow -- no thank you) was to go deep into the archives and dig up some Katie puppy goodness. 

Yes, this is doing the trick just fine!!

And if all that wasn't enough to satisfy your very own puppy craze... then here's a short video of my favorite co-pilot!

Have you given the two dog household some thought?  Do you already have two dogs?  How did your first dog adjust?  How old was your first dog when you got your second?

Thanks!!  Have an innocent puppy loving the world kind of weekend!


Jenny said...

I am keeping my 11 year old daughter steered clear of this post!! Sooo gorgeous!:) She is desperate for a dog but something is just holding me back ..between work and kids and creating and house space...i know excuses excuses!! My sister has 2 golden retrievers and certainly loves her babies....both COMPLETELY different in personality but which really compliment each other....My sis certainly wouldn't have it any other way (She's also had a baby of her own to add to the mix!) :)

Augie and Ti's mom said...

Ha ha, you knew that looking at puppy pictures was NOT the way to go, right? :) Augie was almost 15 months old when we got Ti, and let me just say it was SO much easier having a puppy with another dog in the house. Augie and Ti would play and play and then Ti would pass out for long naps. I didn't have to sit there rolling a ball at 5 am! Ti never nipped us, because he had Augie to chew on. And training was a breeze because Ti copied whatever Augie was doing. We had a foster puppy here over the summer for a week, and that puppy followed right along with the big guys with almost no training at all. I'd forget that I hadn't trained him and would tell him to sit or wait and he'd do it! Anyway, this NOVEL that I've just written is my way of saying DO IT, DO IT, DO IT! :)

Christie describeHappy said...

@Jenny, you will know when the right time is to add a dog to your family. A puppy requires a lot of attention, time, and patience. At the same time, they bring so much love and laughter into your home!
@Augie and Ti's Mom, yes, I know puppy pictures don't really quiet down wanting a puppy. It's nice to hear how it went for you and it is my hope that Katie would do a lot of 'traiing' with the pup just by setting boundries and being a good role model. I see a puppy in our future this spring :)

corina said...

We just added a third dog to our family a couple of months ago. We now have a huskyX, lab/husky and our new boy, jaxi, a terrierX (note to self: when buying treats from the local shelter put blinders on!). The dogs get along famously. They always have company, learn from each other and such a blast to watch. You'll never have just one dog after experiencing the joy of 2 (or 3).

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