Nesting Bowls

I think I mentioned some time ago that I fell head over heels for crocheting.  (And I haven't really shown you anything I've created -- I'm starting to fix that!)

I have always had a thing for fabrics.  Yarn is a natural extension of that. 

I made these nesting bowls as a gift and really like how they came out!

The colors have so much personality here!  And I really liked seeing the shape form as I completed each row.

As you can imagine, each bowl got just a smidgen bigger.  (smidgen is such a fun word!)

You know how you make something with the intent to give them as a gift... and then they are done and you secretly wish you could keep them? 

Yup, that happened to me with these.

I've seen this type of bowl done with a different colored bottom... it was a really cool affect!  I think the next time around I will give that a try.

It doesn't help that I already have a love for bowls.

Or the fact that I could see a million uses for these.

Or, that the colors matched my living room so well.

Wouldn't a plant pot be really adorable with one of these bowls nested around it?

At least I know the maker and I guess if I really wanted I could whip myself up a couple of these!!

I finished the set off with a ribbon for giving away.  So darling!!

It was really really tough to let them go. 

But, I got an even better feeling to see one of my favorite people light up in a huge smile once I gave them to her!

Making something with your own two hands and then sharing it with someone you really like = happiness!

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