Birthday-WIP-Catch Up-I'm a Slacker

Maybe if you stare in the pretty rainbow colored scrappy bottled rainbows blocks you won't much remember that I've been a total post slacker this week.  I am finally finding my first few moments this week and it's Friday.  When did the week slip by me?

There are a lot of things going on.  I had a big meeting at work which went amazing in the end, but took a lot of time and effort to prep for.  I have been going to dog training classes with both dogs.  Katie is in a nose work class one night a week and Sammy is taking intermediate obedience one night a week.  I still swear the training is mostly for me, they are just there to keep me company. 

And I got to volunteer as a quilt handler for quilt judging for the quilt show my guild is putting on this weekend.  It was amazing.  What an experience to be able to handle so many quilts and see them up close.  I was also able to listen to the judging and am really gaining an appreciate for all the things they look at.

And... I even got to hold my two quilts while they were being judged.  Talk about good luck!  It was nerve wrecking, but I am so happy with the positive feedback.  Yes, I have a lot to learn, and no I didn't place or get a ribbon, but I couldn't be happier.  And I am reminded that I am part of an amazing group of ladies!  Yes, they could all mostly be my mom or grandmom... but seriously I feel so loved with them!

I have manged to sneak in a few moments of sewing this week.  Not much, but this scrappy project is great for 15 minute snaps of sewing time.  And I'm happy to still be making progress.  I officially added the purple, pink, and deep blue blocks this week. 

I also made up a number of new color frames to fill in.  In this picture, you can see I've already completed the royal blue.  And once these are done I will move to the yellow, light orange, red, and light pink.  I feel like I am in the home stretch with this quilt.  And still loving every minute!

Sammy is still my sewing buddy.  Her favorite spot at the moment is under my desk.  It's like her bat cave.  And I'm happy she feels so safe there!

Here she is laying on my feet.  Does your pup do that?  Lay on your feet so you can't move without waking them up?  Such a smarty pants.

This past weekend we also noticed that there are now birdie residents in the bird house.  At different points there have been nesting materials poking out the front.  Fun to see them busy making a home.

You can see more pictures of the bird house from last year here, here, and here.

And the best for last?  Why yes, of course!  Our sweet Katie has turned 5 years old.  Her birthday was Monday and we spoiled her in proper goldie fashion!

Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet Katie, and many many more!


monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Katie is 5! WOW!
(ps - come celebrate - I have giveaways all week!)

What a cool experience to be a quilt handler during judging!! Wow. Were you surprised? What was the weirdest thing that the judges were looking for? hmmm

Yay on the birdies! Spring is so darn dark & windy & wet here... bleah. I miss winter.


~Monika K.

Linz said...

Your Bottled Rainbow blocks are looking awesome!!

And your pup is so sweet!!

zsazsazsu said...

5 big hugs for Katie ... and one for Sammy too of course !
Looks like a fabulous quilt.

Lori E said...

The bright, pretty colours just perked up my morning...well that and a big mug of coffee...but your fabrics did play a big role for sure.
Big hugs to the birthday dog.

Kris from Duke Says Sew What said...

Happy birthday Katie! Your dogs always look like they just had a bath and brush...you are so good to them! I would be curious to know what the judges were looking for also. Maybe you could do a post on that?

Seaweed and Raine said...

Happy Birthday Katie! Sweet smoocher.
Christie I could've just squealed when I saw your pink quilt block - I know, I know, totally girly, but I love it! It's vibrancy, randomness of placement, fabric patterns chosen. YUMMO. Nice job babe. :)

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