Awesomeness from the Weekend

Oh what a long sunny weekend!  Here are some snips of what I've been up to.

A little creating time.  Can't show the whole finish... it's a surprise -- Monika, watch your mailbox love... this one's headed your way!

A Bridal Shower for my soon to be sister in law.  Finally an excuse to play with embroidery on paper and decorate a package with handmade origami flowers!  It was fun to see my brother too!

We ate.  Sushi!!  This was called the Love Boat.  And let me tell you... it was a lovely dinner with the mister.  So much fun and lively conversation.  Just the way I like it!

We've been keeping an eye on a Robin who has not one or two, but three nests under our deck. (sorry for the blurriness)

Here is mamma bird keeping an eye on me while I try and sneak a few photos.  I even got to see her sitting on a nest.  We aren't really sure if it's one mamma or many, but either way I am so excited to see all this up close and personal!

We took down some dead trees and chopped it all up into kindling.  Look at all that warmth sitting there in that pile!

And almost the best for last... remember the bird house?  Well... we have Guests!!!  I have seen two very busy birds build a nest most of the weekend!  I am not sure if they have laid eggs yet, but I am beyond tickled to again see this whole dance up close.  Truly magical!

And I did say almost... as in, I have an even bigger surprise for tomorrow.  You won't want to miss the big news.  

Much love for Japan 


Seaweed and Raine said...

Christie! Stop teasing! LOL What is this marvellous news that you have? My mind is going on a wild journey of all the possibilities.
You have been very busy over the weekend, haven't you? The Fibre art is looking interesting - looking forward to the reveal.
And what snuggly little bird couples you have that have moved in. ;)

Jo said...

Can't wait to hear the news too Christie ;-) Love those bird nests & sounds like a lovely weekend.

MJ said...

OH how exciting!! Can't wait to see the little family that's moved in!! All your creations, the sushi--yum, and the robins' nests, a wonderful weekend indeed :).

Linz said...

CUTE projects! I love the package!!!

And YEA for birds and nest!! THat is SO exciting! We get hummingbirds building nests in our porch light (yes, I know - but we have had several do it!) It is SO fun to watch the process! And the baby birds are always so cute!!!!

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Ooooooooooooh pretty! ! Ooooo!
Do i get the sushi too?!


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