What's on my Sewing Machine (WIP)

No finishes this week; which is ok.  I'm a happy camper with the progress I am making!


Happy Garden (king sized)

This is where I have put my focus over the last week.

I am quilting and quilting to get ready for binding.  I decided to make these organic free motion loops around the diamonds in this pattern.  When I say "organic," I am letting each diamond take on a bit of personality. 

I'm not trying to count and make sure there are the same number of loops per side or that each loop is the same width or height -- I'm just going with the flow and letting each diamond fill with quilting organically.  This quilt from the beginning has been about letting go of structure in favor of randomness/chaos/entropy ruling.  I saw it only fitting that I continue that through to the end.

Oh, and a little confession may be in order.  {If you gross out easily... you may not want to read the next section}

I was working along a diamond quilting my loops and I had done a bunch, and it was getting late... do you see where this is going yet? .... and yes, I quilted through my finger nail with the sewing machine.  Ouch! 

The needle went clean through my nail and out the bottom of my finger.  Didn't hit bone -- and thank goodness it was right at the tip (yes it's safe to keep scrolling down... I'm not posting a picture of my finger).  It hurt, it bled.  I feel foolish.  I was probably going too fast and clearly I wasn't paying enough attention to my hand placement.  Lesson learned.  My finger is fine and I changed out my needle.  But somehow I feel inducted into an "I've Been There" secret quilting group.  Have you been there?

So, I am still steadily working on finishing up the quilting.  I am falling deeply for this quilt too!  And I am daydreaming about what binding to use -- probably one of the causes of that accident.  If you have any suggestions on binding colors or patterns... I'd love to hear them!  I am an open slate.  I have thought of gray dots, green, blue, red... what do you think?

{Insert Name Here}: Bottled Rainbows {ticker tape quilt-along}
No progress other than moving the parts from one side of my work table to another. 
Crewel Spring Flowers
Only a very small amount of progress on this one. 

X Marks the Spot
No action here and I have to admit I am getting a bit stress still seeing this one on the design wall.  Once my king size is done... then this is the next one up at bat!

Katie Fiber Art
No action here.

This Week's Work in Progress (WiP) Stats 
Last WiP Wednesday Total: 5
New Projects: 0 (I'm still being good and focused!)
Finished Projects: 0
Total WiP's: 5 (same as last week)

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Much love for Japan 


Elizabeth Dackson said...

Ouch! Glad to hear you're OK!! While I haven't sewn through my finger, I have definitely had my fair share of quilting accidents. I think red would be fun for the binding, create some contrast. Good luck :)

Staci said...

Hope your finger feels better soon!
I have sewn through the fingernail part of the finger, but I have caught the side of my finger more than once. I came close last night--same as you, late at night and distracted by happy quilting thoughts instead of focusing on what was in front of me.
And don't we know better? I know when I am tired the last thing I should do is use the machine, or handle the rotary cutter! Sometimes it is hard not to, though, when you are in the grip of that overwhelming urge to do just a bit more.

~Carla~ said...

Eek!!! Your poor finger! Hoe you feel better soon! I love the quilt you're working on! Looks beautiful so far!!

Linz said...

Ouchie!! Yes, I've done that too. And also - sliced the tip of my thumb off with the rotary. Not cool. I hope your finger is feeling better!

The king size looks awesome! I love the organic loops! They look wonderful!

Bree said...

owwwwwwwwwwww! I haven't been inducted into that club yet, but I've snipped my finger multiple times with my snips!

Lee said...

Ow ow ow ow ow ow OW! I'm always worried about doing something like that. Hope it feels better soon! Your loopy quilting looks great. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

Teje Karjalainen said...

Oh my god... Christie! I'm happy to hear that you are okey even that must have been really painfull! I'm sure all we are affraid that to happen.
I'm so late reading blogs and you have made so many lovely sewings!
This quilt is beautiful and I just love those bottled rainbow blocks! I really hope to try them once!
Hugs from Teje & Nero

Becky said...

OW! I'm afraid I've sewn through my finger once too. The pain was incredible!! Hope you heal well. In light of that, I think your binding should be blood red LOL! Sorry couldn't resist, but I do think it would look great!

Jenniffier said...

EEwww~ I am sorry to hear that. But way to go on tackling such a big project.

Kristen said...

I've done the nail thing too. Eek! Don't talk to me about rotary cutters...

How about this post for a good laugh! :))

Wendy said...

Oh my goodness - I was expecting you to find a 'surprise' left by Katie! I've been reading you a while (Monika is my neighbour)... but haven't commented yet. I've never had the misfortune of stitching my finger, but I've only pieced - I haven't FMQed yet!

Rhinestone Beagle said...

I have yet to sew myself but
I have stapled my finger before and thats no fun either. Im also going to submit a vote for your binding color to be blue. Looks like you only have spots of it in the quilt so blue would get those pieces to stand out. Happy (safe) quilting!

Lynette said...

Yes!! I'm in your club, twice earned. Did it the first time when I was 10ish. Again about 10 years ago at 33ish. (Oh, I've also stapled 2 fingers together at the tips. Junior year in high school. Accident.)

1000 Goldens said...

Sooo sorry about your finger, that sounds terribly painful :( I love your freestyle design - it's very pretty!

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Geeze i am sorry i have been s o busy that i missed all this!
You okay!?

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