Creative Tuesday: Tree(s)

Let's try this again... I couldn't log into Blogger yesterday, so let's pretend for a moment it's still Tuesday.

Update 5/25 AM... still doesn't look like I can log in to leave comments.  *sigh*

It's Creative Tuesday!  So exciting!  It's that time of the week where I open my sketch pad and see what comes out for the theme over at Mr. Toast's Creative Tuesday's assignment!

This week's theme was Tree(s).  We had to be sure to have at least one predominant tree in our creation.  I am great with the Tree theme -- it's a comfort zone even.  In fact, looking back on my previous entries I have done trees with circles, trees on a hike, and trees with flying apples.  So, how to make this one special?  That was the dilemma.

Noodling around in my mind I knew I had a dancing ballerina tree just waiting to come out.  It was time.

Putting together the original sketch lead me to want to add more. 

More texture. 

More color. 

More meaning and magic

This quote seemed spot on..."there are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them" by Vicki Baum.

This truly became a multimedia as I kept reaching for things to add texture and depth.  I started with color pencils.  Added bright pink highlighter.  Then finished it off with soft oil crayons.  Pencil and pen were also used to create the original outlines.

I'm tickled with it.  It really brightens my spirits and reminds me that happiness is but a twirl away!
Mr. Toast, thank you again!  Even though I put these off to the last minute I enjoy each moment as I reflect and create with your theme in mind!  I already say YES! to accepting your next challenge! 

I had so much fun unleashing my creative through this process, hope you consider joining in this or the next assignment (and I hope you do) feel free to check out other artists in the community here.

Much love for Japan


Wanda said...

Oh my goodness, a dancing ballerina tree...so creative, and love those twinkle toes... What a happy, happy stetch. Love it.

Betsy Brock said...

A dancing tree! Nobody can look at that and not smile! :)

Christine said...

what an adorable dancing tree! Good job Christie, very creative. I had trouble leaving comments earlier yesterday too.

Michael said...

Christie, I so love reading your story of how you end up with your piece--that creative venture. Great job. It really came together well adn feels like it is indeed dancing. Very happy feeling. :) Sprightly.

"happiness is but a twirl away"
--wonderful quote that. gives me an idea for a future CT theme.

Michael said...

Oh and btw, as I got a late start on this as I was busy all day last night I actually am able to include this even if it was late (through no fault of your own, mind you.). Lots of peeps are having problem with blogger lately. Hope they fix the issues.

Kell said...

Cute dancing tree!

I had problems leaving comments with blogger yesterday also. What's funny is I couldn't use my laptop but the desktop computer worked fine.

Heather said...

how very clever indeed....love the pointe shoes!

Melisa said...

I think this is the most feminine tree I've ever seen. Love the whimsy of it!

Tonya said...

Adorable! Oh, to have an artistic bone in my body! Love it!

Janice said...

I so enjoyed your toe-shoed tree and the positive message. It just makes me feel sooo good.!

Anonymous said...

now thats a sweet idea,, love this,,just happy happy art!

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