Thank you for the goodies!

You Can Call Me Moose recently held a contest to celebrate their 1 year bloggerverasary and I won!!  Just look at the adorable picture that Moose's Mom posted to tell me I won. 

Awww!  Moose you are so stinkin' cute!!

Winning a contest is alwasy a fun feeling!  And that meant that I got a package in the mail.  Getting a package in the mail is certain happiness for me!

Look at the cute snail mail lable from the front!

And the adorable goldie sticker on the back!

When I opened the package I found so many goodies inside that as I kept pulling them out I was thinking, "WOW! And I get this too?"  Moose you are so very generous and I want to thank you very much for all the pretty things!! 

I first found this adorable calendar.  My favorite part is how Valentines Day is highlighted.  Very creative!!

And look at this bookmark.  I enjoy the design and it has a really pretty tassle on the end.  One can never have too many bookmarks!

I found tiny little match book looking thing.  The bird is fantastic and when you open this it's actually little scrap paper.  So dang clever!!

Their was a bag full of biscuits tucked in the package too.  I was wondering why Katie was paying it so much attention.  These look homemade and are adorable shapes!  Hearts, bones, and circles. 

They are the perfect size and Katie gobbled them up!

Plus they were fun to play with!

Can you believe their is more?  I found a package of cards with envelopes.  My favorite is this truck card.  It's almost too pretty to send.  I may have to go order some more so that it's easier to send them out. 

Perfect for a little love note to Mr. Happy -- rustic, boyish, and great colors!

This card reads, "I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers" -- excellent quote!!

And then when I thought the package was empty I still found more.  Take a look at this adorable pin! 

Lastly this business card was tucked in with the pin.  I am sucker for marketing things and wanted to bring this to your attention, because it is just too darn clever not to tell you about.   Take a look at Cabin Press Studio's tag line....
Get it?  "Above your expectations"  "Elevation 9500' "  This is a company based out of Colorado.  Love it!

Today... Getting a package in the mail and finding fantastic goodies = happiness!


Moose said...

Thanks so much for the super sweet write up!! Enjoy your day & Tail Wags & Happy Shoveling to All.

Jientje said...

Oooooh, I can imagine this made you happy!

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