Happy Spot Hump Day

Picturing your happy spot no matter what life throws at you = happiness!

This is a great spot that I go to in my mind... often (after going in person once)! The part I liked best was the quiet. Yes, I could hear the occasional lapping of a wave on the rocks or a bird overhead, but reality seemed so far away when I was sitting out on those rocks fishing or taking in some sun!

Where's your happy spot?

On a side note, I think I will have to start this as a weekly thing... let's do Happy Spot Hump Days!! Stay tuned in for next weeks!


m said...

Love this idea. Beautiful spot there. I found you through Paris' blog bt how can one follow you? I don;t see a fllowers link.

for me, my spot can be Vancouver island, driving through Bellingham, Washington, general English countryside and, of course, London.

m said...

Actually I found you indirectly from Panda blog from Paris's art project.

me said...

Beautiful picture/spot!!

Hey..thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I look forward to seeing your art next week!! =)

Have a wonderful afternoon!

J said...

So beautiful! This reminds me of the scenery around here. There's so much beauty all around us that we barely even notice...thanks for reminding me!

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