Painting Helper

Doing something you really enjoy and having your best friend right there for support = happiness!

Ok, so my husband, Mr Happy, is really my best friend but my golden Katie is my BFF! I have been painting like a mad woman to prepare for an art show this weekend. As I am finishing up my final paintings and taking in how they look ... I can't help but think that this wouldn't have been possible without Mr. Happy encouraging me to do this. And also thank you Katie -- your constant trying to get in my paint, paw my work, take my brushes, lick my paint water has shown me you really have artistic talent to add!

So anyway, do something you enjoy and feel incredibly happy when people support you along the way!


floreta said...

awww how cute! i just love dogs :)
love the art project too

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Thank you on both accounts!

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