Inch by Inch Art - Bloom

Joining in on Remembering Paris' Inch by Inch Art on Tuesdays = happiness! (and check out the other artists by clicking on the Remembering Paris link above)

Today's theme is Bloom. I have to say it was an easy theme for me. I am a dirt and sunshine girl and have been enjoying watching my garden bloom ever since the snow melted! The large amount of rain we have had in NY the last month has been a drag, but now that the sun is coming out a little bit I am beginning to notice how tall and full my plants are. Not sure I remember a summer when they were bigger. One of the fun things about a blooming garden is the visitors it attracts... I have seen a little humming bird nearly every day for a week now. He seems very happy with how the bee bomb flowers are this year and I couldn't be happier!

So, today I am sharing a Tiger Lily that I sketched and then colored in with acrylics. They are a very simple flower, native to NY, and ranks up there with my favorites (I LOVE burnt orange for reasons you will find out more when college football is closer!) I am still struggling with fitting my art in a 3'' by 3'' space... today's is a hair bigger. Must mean I am a free spirit or have trouble with authority?

Paris, thank you so much for creating this project! It's a wonderful reminder for me to slow down for a moment and spend some time creating, which has turned out to be so relaxing and rewarding! I really look forward to your weekly themes and often spend my weekends dreaming about what I want to create to represent each theme. :)


Christine said...

oh I love your tiger lily and I am the same being happy with all the 'visitors' to a blooming garden.

Kristy Worden said...

I remember tiger lillies from when I lived in WI - I haven't seen one in years... Trouble with authority and free spirit are just two sides of the same coin... just try to keep the free spirit side 'up'!

yyam said...

Love the tiger lily! I wish I had the climate to grow them...

lissa said...

I also went past the 3inch for my piece, it's not easy to fit into the 3inch square

tiger lily - love them - I like your interpretation, it's wonderfully delicious

julie king said...

this is a wonderful piece full of color and tranquility! i am a huge fan of tiger lillies and also the color orange!

Rowe said...

Wow, nice work. I also love burnt orange and I think I have this very flower growing in my courtyard. Now I must find out if it is a Tiger Lily.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Christine, the visitors are the best part! I had a robin dig a worm out of my garden last night... really neat to watch!

Kristy, I will definetly do my best to keep the free spirit side of the coin up!

yyam, sending you some virtual tiger lilies!

Lissa, glad I'm not the only one struggling with size!

julie, two cheers for orange!!

Rowe, thank you! Hope you were able to find your tiger lily in your courtyard!

me said...

So glad you participated again. Sorry for the delay in getting around. I have not been feeling well these last few days.

I love your piece and I like that you shared the previous picture as well with your paint pallet. And are not humming birds soothing to watch fly around? =)

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Paris, I hope you are feeling better! I am already looking forward to next week's theme too! I'm hooked on your inch by inch!

And yes, humming birds are so incredible to watch!

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