Creative Tuesday: Taking Flight

Mr. Toast's Creative Tuesday's assignment is here again.  (I nearly forgot to post!)

This week's theme is "Taking Flight!" *love!*

This theme conjured so many ideas in my head and I had aspirations of everything from a scaly dragon breathing fire, to a baby bird taking the first leap, to a hot air balloon.... so many choices!

Again, I wanted to stay true to how I am playing with this exercise.  I set a pad and pencil in front of me and let whatever wanted out the most to become what filled the page.

Yes, those are flying apple faeries.  Yes, I realized that's not really how apples are picked this time of year.  Yes, I realize that you probably wouldn't plant just one apple tree on a cliff.

But, dream with me for a moment and you can see how absolutely wonderful and charming this could be!

The flight patterns are a bit dizzy.  Either that or I am seeing sewing stitches in everything from the absurd amount of time I have spent with my sewing machine the last few days.

Adorable, no?

Who's in the mood for an apple pie?  I kid... I kid!  I wouldn't really try and eat a magical faerie apple. 


Thanks for day dreaming with me!!

And won't you check out all my fellow artists here!


Unknown said...

Well Christie that was fun. Apple Faeris. Would never have thought of that. Love your interpretation.

Heather said...

Very creative. That would be nice...apple fairies, will they help me make my favorite apple crumb pie, too? Cute...happy, I love that about you!!!

Wanda said...

I'm a little dizzy following the apple fairies from tree to box.... They are delightful little creatures and brought a smile to my face!!!!

Betsy Brock said...

Yes, adorable! I think I need to bake an apple pie. You've got me craving one! I love your imagination, Christie!

Kay said...

how totally original!!!1...love that idea but will i ever be able to eat an apple again????xx

Jenny said...

Awww, love your faerie apples! I'm not sure I'll ever be able to eat an apple again...just incase! :)
For some reason my computer is not letting me follow you but "I'll be back"!!!

Michael said...

Awwww. that is so cute. gosh. i just love it. Love how you describe the story too. Glad, Christie, you liked the theme too. makes me wonder what you'll think of the next. OK, adding this to my montage now. thanks again. You are so fun! I Love your write ups. What a clever little doddle.

Christine said...

I can tell you enjoyed this one! Apple faeries, very creative.

Michael said...

BTW, I love how your drew your tree and those lollipop like leaves. :)

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Thank you all very much!! I am really learning over time to let loose and enjoy this time I set aside with my sketch pad!

Anonymous said...

Christie, thanks for visiting today and being so positive - I love it! I also love your approach to the Creative Tuesday projects - wish I could kick back a little and not plan so much. Claire
PS. I would totally plant just one apple tree on the edge of a cliff :)

Janice said...

What a great imagination you have, so nicely brought to life in your art. Apple fairies. Yes!

lissa said...

apple fairies? I thought they were winged apples, that kind that just flies off trees and hits you on the head

great idea for creative tuesday

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