Random Happiness = Raappiness.  Don't you just love made up words with lots of double letters?

So, yesterday was supposed to be aquarium day here.  As in I show you all the cool photo's I snapped from our recent trip to a totally rad aquarium.  And instead, I got sucked into painting the next layer of my chair.  I am nearly finished with that project and really happy with how it's coming together. 

That said, I thought I would post aquarium pictures today... well, looks like that will have to wait a little bit longer -- as I don't have my camera cord with me right now.  *sigh*  Some days I am sure I would forget my head if my neck didn't hold it on.

So, I am digging through the photo's I do have handy and found these.

Nope, not some fancy yarn or fabric.  This is a close up of Katie's soft amazing fur!  Love the texture brought out in this photo!

This is a close up of Katie's tail.  Funny how it has a different look than her midsection.

Ms. Ladykins herself!  What a mischievous look here.  What did you do?

I also made up a batch of Thai Red Bean Tapioca pudding a few weeks ago.  It's not 100% what I remember, but it surely brought back a TON of childhood memories!

I followed this recipe as a base and also modified it a bit with cinnamon and cayenne pepper.  I used the colorful tapioca pearls from my local asian market and they really made this look like a bowl of fruit loops. 

Made me giggle!

Hope you are finding reasons to smile today and don't worry so much if not everything goes your way!


Unknown said...

oh wow!!! your dog is so sweet!!! and that pudding...it looks so cool with the colored tapioca!!! I never ever saw colored tapioca before!!!

Suburban Girl said...

Thought that was my dogs tail at first...he's a Pomeranian and his tail is poofy.

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