Let it Rain!

I don't really mean that.  In fact, I am not looking forward to rain at all.  I technically haven't had my fill of snow yet.  But... with spring on the brain, I couldn't resist these..

Do you know I haven't ever had a pair of rain boots?  So this is a real treat!!  And I got them at an awesome price.  

One step better?  I didn't wait till spring to break them in.  I took them for their first romp tonight.  In the backyard.  Through the snow.  With the dog.  It was a blast!!   Please ignore the rain, dirt, and leaves already on them.  But, I had to show you how awesome they are!!



Breaking the seasonal rules = happiness!

Stocking up on things that will make the April showers amazing = happiness!

Finding new ways to have a blast with the dog in the backyard = happiness!!

What do your rain boots look like?


Jientje said...

What dirt?

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

They are really cute boots! I don't mind winter if we have snow, but when it's just cold with no snow, it makes me want spring to get here SOON!

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