Origami Puff Balls Tutorial

Paper treat that's fun
to make. Grab a square and fold.
Puff to make the ball.
original haiku poem by me!

Thank you so much for all the love you given my pine tree origami tutorial!  I think these may become a weekly thing... I'm having so much fun getting back into this!!

Here is another fun origami tutorial for a festive Puff Ball (also known as the waterbomb)

Squeee! How cute are these?

Step one. I started with some left over wrapping paper (left) and make a nice 5 inch square (right).  You can use whatever size you like for these.

Step two. We will start the way we did last time.  Fold one corner to the other to create a diagonal fold (left) and then unfold (right).

Step three. Now, fold the opposite corner to the other to create a diagonal fold (left) and then unfold (right).  Your unfolded paper will now show an X.

Step four. Fold the flat edge to the other flat edge (left) and then unfold (right).

Step five. Fold the last flat edge to the last opposite edge (left) and unfold (right).

Step six. You are now looking for the triangle shape and you want to begin pulling in the remaining paper behind it along the creases we just made.

Step seven. Your triangle should look like the picture on the left.  You will want to re-crease all the edges again here.

Step eight. Pull the left bottom corner of the triangle up to the top of the triangle like I did in the picture on the right.

REPEAT Step eight on the right lower corner by bringing it to the top of the triangle.   It will now look like the picture below.  And flip over your shape now.  You're doing great!!

REPEAT Step eight on the back side to both the left and right lower corners by bringing them to the top of the triangle.  Your shape will now look like a diamond!!  Bling bling!

Step nine. Fold the left arm (remember we talked about arms!) to the center where the paper naturally has a split (right).

REPEAT Step nine on the right arm.  You guessed it, we now do the same thing on the other side.  When you are done it should look like the picture on the right!

Step ten. Take the little wing on the top left of the shape and bring it down toward the point that the arm just lined up with in the middle.  Wait till you see where this little wing ends up!!

REPEAT Step ten on right top wing again bringing it down to the middle meeting point.  When you are done it will look like this picture below.  You now have two arms and two wings all meeting at the center.

Step eleven. Ok, you are going to take the left wing and fold it down toward where my finger is pointing.  This step is just meant to make a crease to make the next step easier.  Once you made the crease, you can lift it back up.

Step twelve.  Here where a little magic happens!! I've taken the arm (that was folded to the center) and I am pushing down on it to show you there is a pocket there.  You want to put you finger in the pocket to open it up and now put the wing into the pocket.

Go ahead.  It takes a little finesse.  When it doubt just shove and press.  Remember it's just paper!

REPEAT Step twelve. You see how the wing is tucked into the pocket now (left)?  Magic! Exciting!  Whoohooo!  Now, do the same thing on the wing and pocket on the right!!

Yes, and then repeat this tuck, shove, and press move on the other side of the puff.

Last step. On the bottom (part below the pockets) there will be a teeny, tiny little hole.  Pucker up your lips and blow a little air into the hole.

And the whole thing blows up into a puff!!

So adorable how the face of frosty worked out to side of this origami puff!!

What can you do with these you ask me?  Well.... so glad you asked!!
  • Put a little ribbon on the top and it becomes like a little present decoration.  
  • Add a hanging string and it becomes a sweet little ornament for your tree.
  • String a bunch of these together for a festive garland
  • Make a stack of three of these puff (one on top of each other) to make a puffed up origami snowman or the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man (think Ghostbusters movies!)
  • They are cute from festive paper.  They are cute from any paper really!
  • They would be really snugly sitting in a bowl or vase together
  • They are cute with buttons and in jars!
  • They make a nice touch when wrapping up presents with a few pieces of ribbon!
  • Oh oh oh... imagine putting numbers on these cubes and using them to count down to Christmas... or birthdays... or anniversaries!!

The sky is the limit for what you can do, but no matter what I'm hoping that means you made up a bunch of these and had a bunch of laughs at the same time!!

Next week we will be making a sweet little turtle dove by request, hope you drop by and make a few with me!

I would also enjoy seeing what you've made.  Link up your picture or post to show off what you did with either your pine tree or puff balls!!  Let your creativity ride! Go origami!!  Go origami!!  Whoop whoop!!


Unknown said...

I remember making these in elementary school! What a cute idea for ornaments!

Cynthia said...

This is awesome!! I'm sending out christmas cards this year and I wanted to send out something extra along with the card this just might be it :)

Fowl Single File said...

You and your origami! I feel like I don't have the time or resources to pursue a new craft - but you make it look so neat!

Diane said...

Those are so cute! Love the one made with the Frosty paper!

Suburban Girl said...

I think I got lost somewhere around step 8...I was never good at spacial relational stuff!

Anonymous said...

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