Instagram-y Goodness {#2}

How about some more instagram-y goodness to round out the week?

::  a cute drawing on a package of candy
::  the dragon that adorns a wall in my sewing room
::  a mini quilt, made for me by my dear bloggy friend Monika, also on a wall in my sewing room so I can see it every day
::  we rented a dumpster and clean out a lot of things!
::  we've managed to really tire out Sammy a million days in a row
::  this is a huge mushroom that was growing out of our veggie garden rock wall
::  Sammy took a trip to the Home Depot with us and loved every second
::  we had the lobster picnic at Stew Leonard's -- it was awesome!
::  the mister got me sunflowers, one of my favorites!

::  pretty flowers that I pass on my walks at lunch
::  fluffy golden tails happily in the air on a walk through the woods
::  Ms. Bambi and baby bambi taking a stroll through the yard
::  our lake in the fog and mist
::  the prism quilt is filling out after getting a tiny bit of attention mid week.  I have a plan to finish out the white spots
::  came home at golden hour... that time when the sun is setting with golden rays.  It was really pretty through this tree!
::  got a puzzle for the Mister while he recovers, forgot how much fun puzzles can be.
::  my messy desk that I still managed to create at this week
::  reading my kindle by flashlight while the power was out last night.  Are you reading anything at the moment?

No big plans for the weekend, just the way I like it sometimes.  And here's hoping that I can sneak some sewing time in!

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