Taking a Sick Day

I'm still recovering from a cold that hit me hard over the weekend.  So, you'll have to make due with a picture of lettuce that is growing nicely even with all the rain we have seen over the last week. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend and looking forward to getting back to my blogging groove.

Much love for Japan


Tonya said...

Feel better! We've got colds going around our home as well. Not fun. I love your lettuce! I've got some lettuce coming up, as well as baby spinach. Can't wait to see the sun!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Christie, I hope you get well soon!
Hugs from Teje & Nero

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Awe. Feel better! I sympathize. I got spring allergies from hell! Lol!


randi said...

i hope you feel better soon! your lettuce starts look great!

Andria said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! I am taking some time to look back through your previous posts. Enjoyable blog!

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