Homemade Advent Calendar

We are entering that time of year where I have to keep a few things as surprises from you -- since certain lovelies read here often enough to catch things.  Like gifts I'm working.

Over the weekend I put together an advent calendar for Mr. Happy.  I can give you a bit about how I put it together, but as far as what goodies are behind the doors... we will all find out together, since even I don't know what hides behind each door.

I started with these supplies:
  • mini cupcake pan
  • a dozen of these pretty double sided gift tags (found on sale!)
  • wrapping paper
  • sharpie marker
  • tape
  • white glue
  • ribbon
  • candy and small toys
  • imagination
These are the double sided tags.  The square shape and size are the perfect size to cover the opening to a mini cupcake hole.  I used 12 of these cut in half to give me the 24 doors for the calendar. 

As a more personal touch I wrote little somethings on the inside of each door.  You could use seasonal jokes, words from seasonal songs, seasonal words, tiny tic-tac-toe boards, anything really. 

(use that imagination here)

This is the part where I have to skip showing a few steps as to not spoil the surprises...

I took the mini cupcake pan and stuffed all the little cubbies with mini chocolates and toys.  Honestly you can use anything here... as long as it fits in the mini spot.

Then I used jolly wrapping paper to cover the whole pan (the treats are already in the pan -- and yes that is my assistants paw in the picture!).

I then made an X cut with a small pair of scissors across the opening of each of the little cups to make it easier to get the treat out once you open the door. (not pictured; since the treats peak out a little then)
Next step is to feel around for the cup opening and do your best to center the tags over the opening.  I attached the doors with a clear piece of tape on the left for the door hinge and a small drop or two of glue to hold the door shut.  This also prevents someone from opening a door before the date.

I went with a fun random pattern of tags.  Once the doors were on I used the sharpie marker to put the numbers 1-24 randomly on a door.  Now you can really see how I have no idea what treat ended up behind each door. 

I used ribbon to make a bow which doubled as a hanger -- since this went on the wall right outside the kitchen.


Here it is all ready to for December to roll around!

I'm not sure who's more excited about starting to open doors -- me or Mr. Happy. 


Anonymous said...

I like it - although I jumped to the end to see the finished item before I read everything and wondered how the cupcakes would keep until Christmas! ;D

Augie and Ti's mom said...

Wow, that's really pretty!

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