Breakfast Bar - almost done!

I shared with you last week here that we are getting closer to finishing the breakfast bar/pass through/hole in the wall between the kitchen and the dining room.

Well, this weekend it got some much needed color. 

The mister and I agreed this would be the living area accent wall that I have been dreaming of.  It's small enough that I can freshen the color often... and it's a fun place to put color to get that cozy dining effect that I love!

Here is where we were last... a mostly primed wall... errr.. hole.

You can see I put a little smudge of the color on the wall to the far right.  I couldn't resist trying out the color as soon as we brought it home.  Picking out color is so nerve-wrecking.  I usually feel like I am making a huge mistake when I am at the store. 

Luckily for me, Mr. Happy, as always, knew exactly what I was thinking and found me the perfect color. 

Yup, he's a keeper for sure!

Ahhh.... fresh paint!

Harvest Brown.  so very us! natural, earthy, simple!

Almost looks like cake batter in this pan doesn't it?

I started edging right away.  Stepping back every so often to see how it was progressing. 

This is hands down the darkest color I have ever painted on a wall in my entire life!  You see I was a military brat growing up (living in mostly military housing) and I usually had a minimal selection of light colors to pick from -- if I even had the option to paintt all.  And after that into my adulthood... I have rented. a lot. 

Let's just say that posters and thumbtacks are my friend!

Feels so good to be able to put my own touch on our house... it really is becoming our home!

Here you can start to get an idea of what it's looking like.  Warm, soft, comforting.  Doesn't it seem like a place you can linger in and talk and laugh!  Yup, that's what I am going for!

I am so so so very happy with the results!  Did I remember to take an "I'm done" photo?  Nope. (not yet)

I went straight from painting the wall to painting the inner edges of the doorway and pass through edges. 

And then right on to our 15 foot catherdral ceilings.  I know, I know.  I'm hogging all this painting for myself.  (ya, right)  The ceiling is getting a good two coats of ceiling white to increase the openess and light in the room.  I am painting over the icky faded off white -- so nice to say good riddens to the dingy old color.  It is already making the room so much cleaner!

I still have at least one more day of paining to finish the ceiling over the entryway and in front of the kitchen.  The new countertop should be installed this week -- wait till you see what we designed!  I also still have to clean the room from top to bottom to erradicat spackle dust.  The mister is painting the radiator covers and re-installing the molding.

And then I can put the living and dining rooms back together!  Oh, and somewhere in there I get to shop for three bar stools to go with the new breakfast bar counter. 

Can't wait to have my first sit and laughs at the hottest new eating spot on the block!!


monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Ah - my colors exactly! lol. I should show you my place. I use red as accents in winter and it's really pretty. Love the chocolate brown beams! YAY!!

Hey- tomorrow is FEBRUARY! I'm sick. But will walk at least. ...maybe. lol Does thinking about walking count?

Wandering Minstrel said...

There is nothing quite so wonderful as a fresh white ceiling! I *adore* painting, which is good because the Mr and I have repainted just about every paintable area in the house!

And look out--before you know it, you'll be painting an ORANGE accent wall somewhere. *g*

(I only say that because that's the color of our accent wall in the family room/kitchen--a deep spicy orange, and I love it.)

SouthernSass said...

I love your color! Nothing beats a fresh white ceiling. Have fun!

Jo said...

Your space is looking great. It's so exciting to renovate, I think. And I love the chandelier - we used to have a couple that came with our house but the Mr really didn't like them so they went - shame really, but there was no changing his mind!

Nikki@Breadandbutter143 said...

That color is perfect. I may have to steal it for my kitchen :)

We're having a party if you wanna come by!



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