Katie Dog Days - Snow Throw!

Yes, we had more snow today.  I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking.

Just look at that perfect circle Katie created!

Uhhh hhh... ten more inches.  sigh

I think that the Snow Throw should become a new winter Olympic sport. 

Look at me get my Snow Throw on!! 

...of course I still think Katie would take the gold... just look at her form!

Speaking of throwing... look how far the snow blower tosses!!!!  That's a mighty machine!

I also think that Katie is trying her hand or nose rather at weather prediction.

If she emerges from her hole... and then gets scared then we will have six more months of winter, right?

I know we are all hoping for her to emerge and not see her shadow. 

She should be coming out any minute now.

And there she is... a perfect example of groundhogdog.


It looks like the grounddog has in fact went back into her hole signaling the start of six more months of winter.  You heard it here first.  Don't shoot the messenger.

I kid, I kid.... at least I think I am kidding about the six more months part.  Also, there really is no such thing as a grounddog.  I made that up... snow delirium and all.

If we all think spring together do you think we could at least melt these icicles?  Can't hurt to try, right?

Sending warm snugly thoughts your way after a long long doggy snow day!


Wandering Minstrel said...

OH, what wonderful snowy pictures!

...even though it may not be particularly fun to be buried under all that snow, it looks like Katie enjoys it! :)

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

omg those pics with her head in the snow are hilarious!

: )


Jo said...

Wow, I can never get over how different your surroundings are to mine! I know you must be a bit tired of the snow but I'd love to trade places for a few days :-) I'm getting sick of the heat here & am starting to daydream about eating casseroles, wearing knee-high boots etc. And I've only seen snow a few times in my whole life! Yet we live in the same world... anyway, just wanted to say hi and keep warm :-)

MJ said...

You all make snow shoveling look so much fun!! Have a great weekend Christie!

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