Confetti is Done and a New Project!

Confetti quilt is done!!

Has been for a few days now.  I should have taken it outside over the weekend for a photo shoot in the sunlight-- and forgot to. 

It will have to wait a few more days to have it's magnificent unveiling... it will be worth it.. I promise.  And I had to at least post one finished photo, right?  Wait till you see Confetti in the sunlight!!

Switching gears have you heard of a blog called Happy Quilting?  Well, Melissa from Happy Quilting has a fantastic creative space that has inspired me to join her for a happy quilt-a-long that is just starting.  How can you resist that?

Here is a sneaky at the cool pattern we will be making!!  (picture from Happy Quilting)

I think the best part is that there is so much room to still be you in the design, size, and shapes, and I like that kind of creative freedom!!  You can read about the start of the quilt-a-long and many size ideas here. I think this pattern is going to be the perfect compliment for the African prints that I have been wanting to pull together for sometime now!

This week we start cutting.  Last night, I pulled out most of the fabrics I am thinking of incorporating.  This will be my first quilt with a mix of cotton and many other types (most I don't even know the name of).

These fabrics came from a box that was in the trunk of my co-workers car for what she said was a year.  She didn't have the heart to throw out the fabric (bless her!) and when she saw some of my work she entrusted me with the whole box!!  What a gift!  In return, I wanted to make her a quilt... and well... that was already almost a year ago now.

It looks like someone started cutting the lion fabric and joining them.  I think I will have to work this in somehow.

Cute, no?

This one is my favorite by far.  The little birds and fish... the black and white contrast... the little beige/yellow dots in the background!!  It's going to be hard to cut, but fun to see in a final design!

The photo washed this one out.  It's a soft chocolate brown color.  The swirls take my heart for a ride!

I like this one too.  It introduces another shade of brown and that awesome royal blue!

I have over a hundred 5 inch squares to cut tonight and am looking forward to getting ready to sew!

-- linking to Fabric Tuesdays over at Quiltstory!--


Paula said...

I love the beads. You didn't an excellent job on this.

Unknown said...

I love how it came out! Great job!

Melissa said...

OMG that came out GREAT!! so sweet, and full of joy - awesome job

Suburban Girl said...

I am excited about your new project. Boy you can really put them out. It would take me a lifetime to finish one of these.

JuneBug said...

I love the confetti quilt! So unexpected and full of whimsy!

Quiltstory said...

Love that confetti quilt, so creative!! Good luck on the new quilt aloing, that looks so cute! Thanks for linking up to Fabric Tuesday!

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