Midweek Project Check-in (WIP)


Tulip Table Runner

Does anyone remember this project?  I dusted it off recently and decided to finish it up for a Mother's Day giftie -- and really had a blast re-kindling with this one!

I started by putting together a backing of strips left over from the front.  Katie will now inspect.

Then it was sandwich time.  No Katie, not that kind of sandwich.  No turkey or cheese here... just fabric and batting. 

At this point I decided I wanted to do a little something special to really make the flowers stand out. 

I decided on a little hand embroidery in the form of yellow french knots to look like the pollen in the middle of a flower.

Aren't those little knots so darling?  I really enjoyed the process and can see doing it to another quilt in the near future for sure!

A close up!

A shot of another flower!

Once I finished quilting -- I did a very simple square 1/8 in from the edge of each flower box and also a large rectangle around the border of the whole runner -- it was time for binding. 

I made up a bit of blue and scrappy binding.  Don't you just love binding all rolled up?

And here is the finished table runner.  It's about 5 feet 3 inches long.  I know... it's for a very big table!

I really enjoyed making this one!  I enjoyed gifting it too!  My MIL (that's Mother in Love) was over the moon to get it!  She had already seen the top completed, but not the whole thing together yet.  What a great project!!


I'm excited to say that this project has gotten the most attention this past week and I am loving every stitch of it!  Get it... every stitch? Ha!

I still can't get over the richness and vibrancy of these Kona solids.  Every last one is so delicious!  I was stuck between can't cut these pretty fabrics and I can't wait to dive in for weeks.

I assembled three of the blocks just to get a feel for it.  And it was easy peasy! 

I got out a big pile 'o small batting scraps to use for the quilt as you go part.

I also have my fabric scraps at the ready.  I haven't separated them out by color yet, but I am thinking it's the next logical step.

I randomly decided to start with this Kelly green block and was amazing at how many green's I have in my scraps.  It may help me to put all the Kona bottle green colors (there are three of them) next to me so that I can figure out which scraps will go with this one versus other shades.

Like those mushrooms in the top right -- so cute! -- but probably belong with the darker green shade. 

This one was watching me the whole time.  Seeing me move around with bundles of scraps and fabric always peaks her curiosity.  Golly, I love this dog!  More to come... I can see myself playing with this one on and off all week!

Crewel Spring Flowers
I'm plugging along with each stitch and flower.  I will show you again once the next flower is finished!  I am working on yellow roses -- delightful!!  Here is what it looked like last week if you want to look.

Flourishing Garden (king sized)
I am still thinking about the backing to this one.  Yes, you can call that really no action.
X Marks the Spot
Still on my design wall, next step is to cut squares and then piece the top.  Just haven't picked up the rotary cutter to do this yet.

Katie Fiber Art
I have been thinking about one a lot too.  And I think I am going to restart this one.  I originally used some very thick fabrics to get the fur texture, but it has proved hard to thread paint. 

Of course, I haven't given this a try on the new machine yet.  Maybe that's my plan.  Try thread painting it on the new machine and take it from there. 

This Week's Work in Progress (WiP) Stats 
Last WiP Wednesday Total: 6
New Projects: 0 (I've been so good not to start something new!)
Finished Projects: 1
Total WiP's: 5 (down one with the finish of Tulip Table Runner!)

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Much love for Japan 


Lee said...

The embroidery on your MIL's table runner is so sweet! And I can't wait to see your bottled rainbows. Those have all been so much fun to watch.

Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

Jenn Bower said...

Very nice mother's day gift. I love the "greens" block with the owls and the mushrooms. That is my favorite.

Linz said...

I LOVE that tulip runner!! SO pretty!!

Paula said...

I'm excited to see the progress on your bottled rainbows quilt. I love all the colors.

Daniella said...

Holy Cow!! You are AWESOME!! All of those sewing projects (finished or not) ae amazing!! I can't hem pants, so You really make me say WOW!!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Christie! Vow so many wonderful things happening at your creative space! I just adore your Tweet Home! I think I need to ask my hb to make one, too.
The table runner with tulips is beautiful and unique!
I can imagine how much you enjoy making those Bottled rainbow blocks! You have lots of lovely scraps there!
Kisses to you and Katie!
Teje & Nero

Jane said...

I love your table runner, the french knots are a wonderful addition. Your purple tuesday project is lovely too, I hope it won't be too long before someone moves in

Tiffany Franklin said...

Thanks for coming by. Love the table runner and all your pretty and vintage looking fabric <3!

marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Nice table runner, I am glad your MIL was happy with it. I love all those Kona solids. Why are they so hard to buy unless you order them off the internet? More shops should carry them. Love your dog.

Unknown said...

Love the French knots on the table runner. Great idea!

Unknown said...

Hi Christie~

Found your wonderfully happy blog via Sew Woodsy. Lots of happy inspiration going on here!! :) Happy to be a new follower & Katie is pretty cute too!! I have featured you as my New Neighbor on the Blog, please drop by & see...

Drop By The Tattered Tag

Quilt Genius said...

awww...I just love your tulips!


Morph Waffle said...

Your table runner is so pretty and I admire your french know skills, I can never get those right!

1000 Goldens said...

Love the tulips - what a pretty design :)

Katie B said...

I love the little embroidery on the tulips! And Hooray for Bottled Rainbows! I was excited to finish mine but a little sad too!

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

I love the shots of Katie! lol


: )


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