Cross Ridge Hike to Sam's Point

Hiking has always been a thing that the mister and I hold dear.  Our first date was a long hike, we were married at a hiking place, and we life gets tough... we hike.  This past weekend was no exception.  We were due for a long hike (the wet spring and summer cramped our hiking) and when the opportunity came up to cross from Minnewaska State Park Preserve to Sam’s Point we jumped at it. 

{warning picture heavy post!}

We drove to Sam's Point.  Beautiful morning with a slight chill in the air.

Here is the conservatory lodge.  The very same one we were married in.  Awww!

Getting reacquainted with my friend.  I have a picture of me doing the very same thing in my wedding dress.

The bus came to take us to Minnewaska.  Still can't think of how long it had been since I rode on a big yellow bus.  High school?

 We got started on Mossy Glen Path.  Normally a nice stroll over and along a small stream.  Do you see that sign?  Bridge out?  Most of this area had been closed just a few weeks ago due to the hurricane damage and the constant rains.  Let's see what were are in for?

Here is the stream we had to hop across.  Rocks are your friends... and so is keeping three points of contact.

We meandered along the stream after that.  Do you see all those trees down and up rooted?  That's not normal.

We ate lunch at Castle Point.  The views were just breath taking.  And it was fun to point off in the distance to where we were to end our adventure later that day.

Along the trail the ridge terrain changes many times.  Up hills, over big rocks, and down into valleys we went.

Once in awhile you could look back to see where you had been.  This shows Castle Point (our lunch spot).

We went by many lakes.  Most were full to the brim.

One of the rewards at the end was the view of Vanderkill Falls.  It was roaring with all the rain water pouring over.  I've seen this falls a bunch of times and it never fails to amaze me.  It's a tough hike out, but this re-energized me!

This is that second reward I was talking about.  These are blueberry bushes turned bright red for the fall.  It was really something to look as far as possible and see fields of red a glow from the setting sun. 

This re-energized me too!

Near the end of the hike now.  Less than 1/2 a mile to car --whhoooohhooo!  I find myself always taking this picture of the edge of Sam's Point rock from the bottom up. 

And then were back to the lodge.  In one piece.  No worse for the wear; ok, maybe a little sore

Hard to really pinpoint what it is about hiking that is so rewarding, but I am so thankful to be able to get out like this and soak in as much of the great outdoors as I can. 

And how far was this hike you might be asking?  We went for about 11-12 miles.  It was a hardy hike, but conquering things like this really reminds me just how much I am capable of.

When and where was your last hike?


Teresa said...

What a beautiful area. I am so jealous. Not only for the view, but for the ability to hike over rough terrain. Enjoy it to the fullest!

Seaweed and Raine said...

I haven't done what you would call a "hike" since I was pregnant with our first. We have done a few bush walks with the youngest in the backpack/harness, but not for more than a couple of hours as our eldest has only just turned 4 - and he has to walk them. The last proper hike that i can think of was probably into Jerusalem Bay - about 1/2 hour's drive north of Sydney.

MJ said...

Wow these are stunning! What a beautiful place to have gotten married--and your photos from your special day--love...

I agree with you, there is something so special about hiking. I feel most connected and grounded to everything around me, to my core being if you will, when hiking. That silence when you are surrounded by trees, and you can only hear the air move--you know what I am talking about :). 11-12 miles!! Not yet with the kids, but someday...
Thanks for sharing Christie, have a great weekend.

1000 Goldens said...

Soooooo beautiful, I love your wedding spot :)

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