Ten Day {Before, During, and After Snow}

Here are ten pictures from the last few days including all this crazy snow I alluded to.  I hope to be back up and sewing soon (still coming to you from no power; thank goodness for generators for the basics!!).

Sammy made her first trip to the Home Depot.  And has a lot of training to go, but seemed to love every moment of it!

I made Candy Corn sugar cookies for a Halloween party that never happened.  Snowed out.  We've enjoyed them either way.  Here is the site that shows the how to.

The snow started early on Saturday and the ground and trees were covered within an hour.  Still pretty at this point.

Snuggled up with a fire to get through the storm.

Sammy's first snow!!   She was tickled at the idea of playing, running, and eating it!  Even catching flakes.  She sure knows how to enjoy a good storm!

Katie looking adorable as she is covered in snow from playing.

Lost power which meant playing Monopoly by candlelight with the mister.  Sammy loved the game too as she tried to eat my properties and money. 

The next morning.  Sun was shining brightly... and rather beautiful.  But oh my goodness there are so many trees down, thirteen inches of snow, and a ton of clean up to do.  Not to mention that tree, a ninety foot oak, at the end of the drive is down on the power lines and over the driveway. 


But the sky and trees were so beautiful!!

And yet.  This big tree is causing a lot of work.  I'll feel better when it's all cleaned up and the power is restored.  At least our mailbox was spared.  See you all soon!! 


Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! How COOL you get to go to HOME Depot (not sure if they allow dogs here). OH LOVELY SNOW photos. Oh those cookies are great!!! Just full of SUGAR!!! Have a FUN safe Halloween. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Rhinestone Beagle said...

I love that you're out of power but still posting to your blog. I would do the same. Good luck with the clean up. Guess the trick or treaters in your area are wearing snow pants today.

Jenn Bower said...

Oh dear! Hope you have power back soon. Wow! 13 inches in October. I can't imagine what the remainder of winter has in store. Beautiful pictures.

Linz said...

Wow! That is quite a storm! Love the pictures!! And those candy corn cookies look so yummy!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Stunning pictures! That was quite some storm!!! All the snow clinging to the sides of trees (and trees with leaves still on them no less!). Hope the big tree gets removed soon so that you get your power back up.
Love the pictures of the "girls" playing in the snow. :)
Do the candy corn cookies compare to candy corn itself in flavour?

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Christie! Really beautiful but awfull too! I hope get back to normal with the electricity soon! I can imagine how much fun Katie and especially Sammy had with the snow!
xxx Teje

Wendy said...

What great photography...love the shot of the trees & blue sky. Cute cookies look yummy!

Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy said...

Awhhhhhh lets see I don't know where to begin with my comments---how about aawhhhh Sammy has the best "smile" ever! Looks like it was a great trip to home depot with that smile around! I bet everyone enjoyed seeing him! 2-those cookies are SO cute! and YUM! Next-wooow you got some snow! I am glad Sammy enjoyed it! I know my pups will go crazy for the first snow here! I am glad you guys made the best of everything and did some enjoying.... And finally, I hope the power comes back for you soon!!!! No sewing---goodness that must be bad!! :o)

MJ said...

Wow Christie, you handled the October snow beautifully and your pictures make it look so inviting!! Especially the fire and the candlelight--love. We are just waiting so anxiously for the temps to dip and stay in the 50's so we can have an outdoor fire! The cookies look gooood btw...

Light and Voices said...

Sorry that you are experiencing the power outage and I hope that you will have power back on soon. Sammy knows how to have fun in the snow and is great at sneaking out monopoly pieces what a corker. See you next week. Meanwhile, take care.
Joyce M

Linda said...

simply wonderful!!! :)

Unknown said...

Your dogs are so CUTE! I laughed when you mentioned that Sammy loved monopoly cuz she tried to eat your properties and money.
Great pictures! :)

Keren Duchan said...

Hi Christie!

What a cute blog :-) Sammy is a cutie! I was confused there for a bit when you mentioned snow. Here is Israel it hardly feels like fall. No snow expected, except maybe in a few more months in the mountains. Lovely photos! :)

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