Are You Listed as a Quilting Blogger?

Have you heard about the Quilting Bloggers website?  No?  Well, it's a cool place that gets quilters (who blog) together from all around the world.

You can check out their Learning Center that is chock full of tips and tricks.  They have free patterns if you are looking for your next project.  And they even have weekly quilting contests for the competitive prize loving type!

Quilting Bloggers Logo

***AND***  You can get your blog listed in their directory so others can find you.  And as a recent upgrade the directory even shows your latest posts and it can be searched geographically.  So get over there, add your blog, connect with a few other quilters, and spread the word for your chance to win a few goodies.

And if you have heard of them and already have your site listed ... fantastic! you already get to take advantage of the new features!!  Isn't it a cool place to get a quick quilty fix? 

And because I can't resist sharing a bit of puppy love this Friday! 

Katie and Sammy wish you a happy long weekend (for those in the US) and hope you find lots of sewing time!


Mishka said...

Thanks for the lovely post about my site.

Angela said...

Thanks for sharing the info. I will head over there and check it out!
Have a great holiday weekend!

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