Off to Gigi's for a Swim

It's been awhile since we all packed into the car and headed off to Gigi's (Katie and Sammy are both grand-doggers to our parents).  It was a lovely weekend.  Filled with dog adventures and water.

Since our last car ride with the four of us, it seems little Sammy isn't so little anymore.  That's Sammy smashed in the corner, resting her head on Katie's back.

The girls wiggled around to find their own space, but are positively adorable together!

And much to the delight of our two water loving Golden's, a baby pool was set up just for them.  And they didn't waste any time jumping right in.  Couldn't think of a better way to the beat the heat.

They rolled around, layed down, blew bubbles, and all those other things that doggies do in water.  What a blast to watch!

Sammy is either drinking the water in this photo or blowing bubbles.  Both are very funny.  And I can't get over how they both went from 100% dry to soaking in two nano seconds.

This is a super-man move meant to splash maximum water around (you'll see more in the video below).  And don't you just love the little curls that Katie ... well they both get them.. gets on her ears when those hairs are wet?  Looks like they've been crimped.  Too funny!

And in the spirit of really giving my new phone a field test I had to try a video.  I'll have to remember to hold it horizontally next time to really fill the screen.  Enjoy!!

Hope there's lots of splashing scheduled to help you beat the heat and hope you're off to a great start to the week! 


Seaweed and Raine said...

Splish-splshin' cute! Love their car seat.

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Christie: That was hilarious--they know how to have a good time in a wading pool! Loved the video, too! They really figured out how to fit together in their car seat--so cute. Take care--have a great week!

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