Creative Tuesday: Polka Dot (#69)

I have a very late Creative Tuesday entry.  But I still enjoyed creating the piece and thought I should post it anyway.  The theme was a simple one (and fun).  I admit I didn't spend much time thinking about how to make it cute or clever.  I simply played with the shape of the Polka Dot.  And I think this is the result of a whole city of polka dots dancing and playing together.

I started with some transparent watercolor circles and began layering deeper and deeper from there.

All said and done, I used watercolors, markers, and colored pens.  Very soothing to create and nice to get into my doodling pad again!  (Not the greatest picture, but you hopefully get the idea.)


lissa said...

I like your use of colors, quite a happy piece.

hope you have a great day.

Rita said...

It's pretty Christine, I love the colors!

Michael said...

Totally love it, Christie! So glad you mentioned this in the comments, even if late. I also closed the sign up an hour earlier as I had intended to start the collage but then got a flat and have been dealing with that since. So, anyway, I'm adding you to the sign ups so others can see your charming piece.

This just feels so right--spontaneous and fun. Glad you just went with it and didn't over think it. Excellent.

Christine said...

Very nice, totally polka dots!

Anonymous said...

Love the colors and happy design!

Wanda said...

Be Happy ~ Don't Worry....that's what it says to me.

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